Man gets fired, goes on expletive-filled rant over store intercom

This article contains NSFW content.

Getting fired sucks. And one guy decided he’d take out his frustration by putting those managers that canned him on blast, right in their place of employment.

A video posted to LiveLeak shows the man’s dramatic exit. First, he wisely gets his final paycheck and puts up a front with “thank you” before wreaking havoc. Then he strolls over to the store’s intercom, brilliantly starting off his message with your typical “Attention customers,” only to break out in a locomotive of explicits.  

The scorned man calls the managers of the thrift store “cunts”—”fucking cunts,” to be exact—and claims that they do drugs all day long. Watch the rant for yourself:

It’s not entirely clear why the man got fired, but we do have this example of what’s not the most graceful way to go out. If anything, it’s the ballsiest way to go out. 

Total Half Baked goals.

H/T BroBible