Let’s talk about this medical mannequin that gives super-realistic birth

This article contains explicit material.

A doctor’s work depends upon precision and perfection in every moment. This means they have to train for all kinds of situations as realistically as possible. Sure, some of these will be niche and specific, but at least one company hopes to prepare doctors for the miracle of childbirth as thoroughly as possible.


Let’s meet this accurately simulated pregnant mannequin. Her name is Noelle S2200, and here’s what it looks like as she gives birth to her mannequin son or daughter. (The following demonstration is very, very NSFW.)

Medical simulation is an important aspect of preparing healthcare professionals for all order of scenarios. Pregnancy is a multifaceted thing, and Noelle is set up to handle all kinds of situations. Breech childbirth? Check. Postpartum hemorrhage simulation? Check. This “preganant” mannequin has been designed to offer as realistic a birthing experience as possible.

It’s got the baby, of course, but it’s also got:

  • amniotic fluid!
  • support for epidural procedures!
  • real blood pressure!
  • contractions!

And the list goes on.

The Noelle S2200 comes from Gaumard Scientific, which makes medical simulators for people being trained in healthcare. This is just one of their products—you might also be interested in the company’s trauma simulator, pediatric medicine trainers, or its many other offerings.

The full video demo of the mother-to-be-that-isn’t is below.

H/T Rachel Zarrel | Photo via Gaumard Scientific