Is ManyVids Premium Membership worth it?

ManyVids is one of the biggest names in the independent adult video world, in part thanks to its sizable feature lists. Through the site, viewers can send performers custom video requests, order video memberships, exchange numbers, or set up a video call. Sure, ManyVids is a video site, but it’s also a bit of a misnomer. It’s more like a one-stop-shop for adult models running their own business.

But despite ManyVids’ popularity, its various subscription tiers can be complicated to understand. That’s doubly the case if you’re debating between an MV Star’s membership or a premium account. Read on for everything you need to know about the various subscription services ManyVids offers.

ManyVids Premium and MV Star cost

By now, you’ve probably noticed a running pattern: ManyVids takes common business models enjoyed by the DIY adult industry and utilizes them on the site as separate services. Each can be confusing for performers, let alone viewers, and some benefit models more than others. For reference, here are all the options ManyVids gives you for subscription-based content:

Stars can pick and choose which services to offer, and they are allowed to set the rates for their MV Crush and Membership.

ManyVids Porn Freee

Which ManyVids subscriptions should you get?

What Is ManyVids

MV Crush Club

MV Crush Club, or just MV Crush for short, is basically ManyVids’ version of OnlyFans, and users subscribe for exclusive content sent straight to them. MV Crush is a great way to simultaneously support a star you love and receive special goodies for your troubles. It’s usually a relatively cheap option compared to an MV Star membership.

Before subscribing, check and see how much MV Crush material you’re actually receiving from a star. While some performers offer a significant backlog, others rarely use their MV Crush Club, either because they save exclusive posts for their OnlyFans or because it just isn’t a popular investment for them.

MV Star Membership

In terms of bang for your buck, the MV Star Membership is a fantastic option if you enjoy video content from a specific star and would rather have unlimited access to it. While generally more expensive than an MV Crush, membership programs offer an enormous range of videos if not a star’s entire catalog. Think of it like an unlimited access pass renewed in recurring installments. Because membership prices can add up (many 12-month deals start at $100 or $200 annually, if not more), it’s always best to subscribe to a star with a prolific and regularly updated catalog. Do the math before you buy. Sometimes it’s cheaper to purchase your favorite videos a la carte.

ManyVids Premium

With ManyVids Premium, users receive a bold username and icon, access to any blocked previews, and free token bundles. Its most noteworthy addition includes MV Messenger, which lets users message MV Stars and exchange photos. A premium membership is a pretty solid investment if you’re interested in standing out during live shows and networking with models. However, premium doesn’t have many perks to balance out the cost, and while it’s relatively inexpensive, your money is better spent paying models directly. Of course, if you have the cash lying around, $120 per year may not be a bad call.

In short, grab MV Crush if you want regular, exclusive content. Pick up an MV Star’s Membership if you want an enormous backlog from a specific performer. Go with ManyVids Premium if you want to flex your muscle or build a professional, viewer-client rapport with performers.

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