Is a membership at worth it?

If hunky guys and scandalous storylines turn you on, then you’re likely already familiar with the gay porn production company Men.Com. Thanks to the dozens of top porn sites streaming for free, like Pornhub, you’ve probably seen some amazing clips of their majestic models without even paying a dime.

But since technology makes it so easy to get off for free, why would you even bother paying for a membership to Men.Com? Is their exclusive content worth the money? Or are you better off tuning in to the abbreviated versions of their films without spending any cash? Let’s take a look at what a membership to the site actually entails in order to make sure you’re really getting more bang for your buck.

What does a Men.Com Membership Cost?

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A monthly membership starts at $29.99 per month. You can also pay $59.99 for three months of membership. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $99.99 if you pay all at once. That averages out to $8.33 per month.

Men.Com Membership Benefits

Before picking out a price plan that works for you, let’s see what a membership would actually get you. 

1) Full movies with new scenes daily

Sure, a quick preview of spliced scenes can be enough to get the job done, but with storylines and models this sexy, the whole movie makes the experience even better. And with over 2,000 scenes currently on the site, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do. promises new scenes are released daily, which means even while you’re scrolling through their extensive library of fan favorites, you’ll still be blessed with brand new content each and every day. There’s not a ton of diversity when it comes to the stars of their films, but if you’re into muscular, “masc” men, you’ll like what you see.

2) Exclusive Men.Com models

Any fan of gay porn surely has heard of Diego Sans, a 29-year-old Brazilian model who steals every scene he’s in. Well, Sans has an exclusive contract with, which means you’ll only find him starring in movies on their site. You can, of course, find snippets of his work all over the internet for free. But membership allows you to see the star in all his HD glory in every movie he’s done for the company. That’s a much larger selection than what you’ll find on tube sites.

Other popular porn stars who appear exclusively on the site include Johnny Rapid, Paddy O’Brian, Will Braun, Ryan Bones, and Damien Stone. videos

3) Pay with gift cards 

While the site allows you to use a standard credit card to pay (or even a check, if that somehow seems more convenient), it also provides a couple more unique paying options. For starters, you can subscribe using cryptocurrencyBut the most unique way to pay is by trading in unused gift cards for access.

That’s right. Any time you get a gift card to TJ Maxx from your aunt or a certificate from Starbucks from your friend who just couldn’t figure out what to give the guy who has everything, you can trade it in to see hot naked guys having sex. What a world.

With a long list of eligible retailers, including AMC Theatres, Pottery Barn, and Walmart, you can gain instant access to the site in a way that allows you to be completely anonymous and will require no credit card. A $25 Starbucks card, for instance, would grant you 20 days of access. $50 from Target would allow 58 days of access. Or, a $200 gift card from Best Buy could get you a whopping 730 days on the site.

4) Exclusive themed Men.Com series

Another benefit members receive is access to Men.Com’s many different sub-sites, each featuring a specific theme or fetish. The “Top to Bottom” channel features “first time bottom performances from veteran tops and newcomers bottoming for the first time,” something the site says it got tons of requests for.

There’s also a section called “The Gay Office,” which features naughty flings between coworkers in ties, as well as an entire channel dedicated to school scenes between teachers, coaches, and classmates.

Is a Men.Com membership worth it? cost

If you want to replace random free clips with a full entertainment experience while watching porn, then seems to be the way to go. For the cost of a couple lattes per month, you have access to some of the hottest sex scenes that the internet has to offer. And even better, you can skip the lattes and use a Starbucks gift card to get full access a credit card. That’s a pretty unique and valuable offer.