Porn star Mia Khalifa exposes NFL star Duke Williams’ shady DMs

Drake learned the hard way that one should not slide into porn star Mia Khalifa’s DMs. And now, football player Duke Williams is learning that same lesson, after Khalifa exposed his shady Twitter messages.

The Buffalo Bills safety reached out to Khalifa on numerous occasions since February of this year, to no avail. After his last message to her on Sunday, Khalifa decided she’d had enough of his intrusive DMs and decided to drag him, as they say.

While Williams hasn’t formally acknowledged her response, he did retweet the following.

Lebanese-born Khalifa was voted the most-searched-for porn star on Pornhub, so it’s not a shock that she’s a hot commodity. But despite her high-profile porn career, she’s currently in a relationship, and does not appreciate unwanted DMs.

But even if she was single, after two unanswered DMs, Williams should have taken the not-so-subtle hint.

H/T The Big Lead | Photo via Mia Khalifa/Twitter