Former porn star Mia Khalifa joins OnlyFans

Mia Khalifa has joined OnlyFans

The former porn star announced the news to her Instagram followers on Friday. She posted a photo of herself eating sushi with her laptop open to her OnlyFans page in the background. 

“I have a full time job… as an accountant,” she wrote in the caption of the photo, referencing a popular meme on TikTok.

On her account—which costs $11.99 per month to subscribe to—Khalifa thanks her fans for welcoming her to the new platform. 

“THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH,” she writes. “I am finally growing into my self-confidence in who I am and the decisions I make for me, and this is my way of being myself outside the perimeters of conventional social media.

She goes on to say that while she will not be posting “nude content,” she will treat her OnlyFans like “Instagram without Terms of Service.”

“I want to take my power back and just post what I want and what makes me feel good,” she continues. “This is all very new to me, I’ve never been on a platform as fan-facing, so any suggestions for improving my presence here is greatly appreciated! I love you!!”

Khalifa left the porn industry after only a few months. And despite her instant popularity, Khalifa previously said she only made $12,000 from her time in the industry.

Earlier in 2020, Khalifa reportedly said the videos she made while in the porn industry will “haunt me until I die.”

“Long story short: don’t do porn,” she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. “And if you do, don’t do it with a company. Dot it for yourself, on your own terms. 

“And if you consume porn, make sure it’s ethical and not from giant corporations who profit off exploiting women. Like your groceries, shop local and direct from the creators,” she continued.