Mia Khalifa’s TikTok calls out the men who ‘abused and sexually manipulated’ her

Mia Khalifa took aim at the men who “mentally abused and sexually manipulated” her in a scathing TikTok video uploaded over the weekend. 

In a series of quick cuts, Khalifa cycles through several outfit changes to impersonate three different abusive men in her life. Those men include her “ex-husband that groomed me at 16 to fulfill his twisted fantasies”; her “ex-boyfriend/former [BangBros] executive that kept me locked in a toxic sexual cycle for years”; and the “current [BangBros] executive that has defied my consent numbers of times (best friends with ex-bf).”


My first post violated community guidelines, but these men violated a lot more than that

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Khalifa has been vocal about the physical, mental, and emotional trauma she experienced during her three-month stint in the pornography industry in 2014. In 2019, she revealed that she only made $12,000 from working in porn despite becoming the most-viewed performer on Pornhub by December 2014 and that she receives no residuals from BangBros, the studio that owns her content. 

Last month, Khalifa commented on a post by another TikToker debating the merits of the porn industry and insisted it was “not worth it.” She elaborated on Twitter about the abuse she has endured from her time in porn, including death threats, ex-communication from her family, loss of privacy, mental health issues, and difficulty working with brands or finding employment in other industries. 

TikTokers flooded Khalifa’s recent video with supportive comments. 

“Speak your truth queen!!!!” @amandaplease wrote. “I’m tired of these boys saying you’re lying. You speak your truth!!! We are proud of u.” 

Khalifa reposted the video on Twitter, where she had some more choice words for the BangBros team. She quote-tweeted one user who noted the whiteness of the three men Khalifa called out, writing, “I’d let an escaped convict hold my drink at a party before I let anyone at Bangbros even pour me one.”