Mile High Cams perfected what other live cam sites started

It’s hard to differentiate yourself when there are thousands of other sites just like you, and Mile High Cams is no exception. The eternal struggle of adult entertainment sites is separating itself from the competition. It seems like every day there’s a new site or studio with a new niche trying to find another target market.

While you get bombarded by these new sites and theme ideas, there’s one site embracing the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. Mile High Cams is almost a carbon copy of the popular cam site Streamate and we’re not at all mad about it. 

What is Mile High Cams? 

Sure, you could say that Mile High Cams is just another cam site, but it’s another cam site that has perfected the art of camming. Make no mistake, while the similarities between Mile High Cam and Streamate are many, they do offer variances that’ll make you want to become a member of the mile-high club. At Mile High Cams, you can chat with amateur performers of every type while watching them live on camera.

xBLANCHE for Mile High Cams

Cost of Mile High Cams

Joining Mile High Cams is free. But if you want a private show or to interact with performers beyond the public show chat boxes, you’ll need some Gold. Gold is what Mile High Cams calls its on-site currency or credits. So instead of paying for a show with U.S. dollars, you’ll have to get some Gold. Lucky for you, it’s a 1:1 ratio!

Membership benefits

Hundreds of live shows streaming at any given moment

At Mile High Cams, there’s no need to worry about a lull in streaming. Thanks to the fact that this site hosts performers from all over the world, members can be assured that there will always be a slew of performers active at all times.

On top of constant live shows, the category list offered is also an impressive asset at Mile High Cams. Viewers can choose from over 30 preset categories ranging from curvy to sex toys, big tits to anal, and on and on. Possibly one of the most popular category options is the pornstar option, which gives members a chance at viewing their favorite performers live and in action!

Well-organized and intuitive site layout

The layout at Mile High Cams is one of those “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” features brought over from Streamate. Its clear, clean, and concise, and lets members see exactly what is available to them at first glance. I absolutely hate wasting time surfing a site in search of gold shows, or new models. On Mile High Cams, it’s all sitting there on the home page, clear as day. Another help for viewers is the collection of trending categories picked for easy access. This feature is super helpful especially if you’re looking for a room with a lot of member activity. Most likely, the rooms that correspond with the trending categories will have more member activity!

Very active member community

A big requirement for many when looking for a good cam site to invest in is an active community. New users might think the less the better so they can have the models all to themselves, but in reality, the exact opposite is what they should hope for. When there are a good amount of members participating in party sessions, this allows for a quicker way to the performers’ end gold goal! What does that mean? The members that are actively paying and tipping not only sustain the model by getting her goal met, they also sustain the viewers who aren’t paying or tipping but still want to see a show. With a healthy amount of tipping customers, you can be sure that the party shows happening a Mile High Cams are far from stale.

Diunabootytown for Mile High Cams.

Extensive FAQ page which is helpful when there’s not a constant place for reading member comments

While Mile High Cams does have an easy and straightforward layout, it can be tough for members or viewers who are new to cam sites or need a bit of handholding. It’s clear that Mile High Cams has taken this into account upon reading its FAQ page. There, new and current users can find the answers to questions like “What is Mile High Cams”, “How can I find a performer?”, “How does the video chat work?”, and “how do I get the performer to do what I ask?”. Taking the time to walk its users through the basics is another reason why Mile High Cams has such a trusted reputation.

Membership pitfalls

Too similar to the Streamate site

While there are a handful of key differences between Mile High Cams and its copy site, it can be slightly confusing for potential members who have been browsing for the perfect site. Entering card information, and engaging in any activity on a cam site can be a little nerve-wracking for many viewers. Add on to that the similar look of these sites, and the possibility of inauthenticity could also pop into the viewers’ minds. I feel that while the layout at Mile High Cams is user-friendly and market-tested, the site should go a little above and beyond to differentiate it from its lookalike. It could give potential viewers, and members, great peace of mind.

Is it worth it?

Mile High Cams is a great place for cam beginners and novices alike to experience a great cam show. The models are always live, the categories are extensive, and the site clearly wants to make sure that each of its visitors and members has a clear understanding of how to make the most of their time spent on the site. As well, the active community at Mile High Cams makes the party experience a rewarding one for all who participate. If you’re looking for you’re next cam site obsession, give Mile High Cams a try!