Milking Table is dedicated to a niche (but hot) fetish

Did anyone catch the supremely hilarious comedy show Dave on Hulu? If you didn’t, here’s a little spoiler. On the third episode of the show, Dave discloses his innermost fantasy to his longtime girlfriend. She reacts by putting a milking table in their garage.

Dave, or Lil Dicky, sheds light on the insanely taboo yet popular sex act and he does it amazingly. If it made you wonder about trying milking porn videos, there’s a perfect website for that.

What is milking?

For starters, there are two very different forms of milking. Milking, in its general sense, most commonly refers to the act of massaging a man’s prostate gland through his anus. This is done in hopes of encouraging him to ejaculate as much seminal fluid as possible.

A milking table takes this to the next level. It has a hole which a person would insert their penis into. The partner sits underneath and stimulates the penis in any number of ways.

How to use a milking table

There are many ways to use a milking table. Typically the partner sits underneath the table and stimulates the penis via hand job or blow job. For the more experienced and flexible partners, anal penetration is also a possibility.

Keep in mind that in order to execute this perfectly, lots of lubricant will need to be in play. The person sitting underneath the table could benefit from additional support as well. Pillows and a center support might make all the difference!

What is Milking Table?

Milking Table (an Adult Time site) is the official home of cock milking porn featuring the original milking table! Milking Table also focuses heavily on other fetishes as well.

So you’ll find big tit porn, open mouth facial porn, and deepthroat Gloryhole porn. Fans of massage porn and hand job porn will be satisfied too!

Romeo Price and Cassidy Klein in "The Masseuse at My Gym" for Milking Table.

How much does MilkingTable cost?

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A monthly membership starts at $14.95 your first month, then $19.95 per month after that. Or you can subscribe for a full year for $119.40 if you pay at once. That averages out to $9.95 per month.

What are the benefits of Milking Table?

1) Access to hundreds of milking table videos plus four bonus massage porn sites 

Milking Table, brought to you by the Adult Time network, features 120 hot milking table videos. See the performers engage in every kind of milking table porn imaginable including penetration, foot jobs, oral, and more.

The bonus sites that come with a Milking Table membership are exactly that – bonuses. Enjoy the expert masseuses at All Girls Massage as they deliver slow and sensual female seduction. Experience delight with the girls from the Asian erotic massage site Nuru Massage.

If you’re feeling a little naughty, try the hidden cams at Tricky Spa. You can even spice it up with the talented and sexy masseuses at the infamous and erotic Massage Parlor. Either way, you’re sure to get your fill of quality massage porn, any way you like it!

2) The site commits to its theme

I love a site that gives exactly what it advertises. It sucks to subscribe to a site for specific content and not find it. Milking Table features 120 videos and you will find the table in everyone.

The truly impressive part is that all bonus sites follow suit in featuring exactly what they advertise. If you fancy yourself a massage porn enthusiast and enjoy well-executed twists, this membership is for you!

Robby Echo and Yasmine de Leon in "Good Rub" for Milking Table.

3) Submit your own fantasy

Milking Table’s most exciting aspect invites members to submit their own massage fantasies that could be brought to life! If you have an idea for a scene, you can fill out a form and it will be added to the site’s online forum.

From there, thousands of Fantasy Massage members will be able to comment and vote on your idea! The more interaction your fantasy gets, the more likely the studio is to produce it.

Membership Cons

1) Not enough diversity

Apart from the men on the milking tables, this site doesn’t feature male performers. A milking table can be used by male and female performers, so it feels like a missed opportunity.

It feels like the site has overlooked a huge audience by only featuring women milking men under the table. It would be awesome to see some male performers get kinky under the table. I’m sure the existing and potential members would agree!

That said, most of the performers filming for are white or white passing. So if you don’t fall into that category, you won’t find anyone who looks like you on this site which is pretty disappointing. Adding more performers from all different backgrounds should be a priority.

Is Milking Table worth it?

If milking and massage porn is a turn-on for you, a Milking Table membership should not be overlooked. The studio’s attention to detail and theme is refreshing. We know you won’t regret it!