The perfect sexy mood lighting to set a vibe in the bedroom

When it comes to setting the mood, lighting is everything. The right lighting can transform any space into an oasis perfect for a romantic evening with a special someone or a raunchy rendezvous that’s just what this moment in time called for. Whether you’re looking to spice up your bedroom or add some intrigue to the rest of your home on the way there, sexy mood lighting is the way to go. 

So, what exactly is sexy mood lighting? Sexy mood lighting is all about creating an ambiance that is both inviting and alluring. Think dim, soft lighting that casts a warm and inviting glow. Candles are always a great option for creating mood lighting, especially in the bedroom, but there are plenty of other ways to achieve the same effect.

Color is also important to keep in mind. It has the ability to affect our emotions and create a distinct, customized atmosphere. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, are most commonly associated with getting your blood pumping and setting the tone for a sensual evening, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference, and what works best for the vibe you and your partner, or partners, want to cultivate.

With all that in mind, let’s check out some of the easiest and most compelling ways to set the scene for whatever your late-night encounters demand.

The best mood lighting for your bedroom vibes

1) Flameless LED Candles

best mood lighting - flickering candles

When it comes to mood lighting, candles are as classic as it gets. There’s also no quicker mood killer than accidentally knocking them over and setting your curtains on fire. Also, can we be realistic about how long a truly impactful array of candles can take to set up and light? It’s just not practical. Flameless candles can offer a similar vibe without the hazard or the pausing of what you’re doing to light wick after wick and hope your smoke detector stays unbothered. And you can even get ones that flicker.

2) Globe Fairy Lights

best mood lighting - globe lights

String lights can be a surprisingly complex item to purchase, with so many affordable options available. But there’s no question that they’re another staple when it comes to mood lighting—and you really can’t go wrong with strands of globe lights warming up the room.

All 33 feet of these game-changers offer varying levels of brightness and lighting modes, including twinkle and “slow glow,” which already sounds ideal for keeping things sexy. Best of all, they make perfect sense for both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility for wherever you want to create the right mood.

3) Twinkle Star Curtain String Light

If stringing globe lights across your room feels like too much, an LED twinkle curtain light can provide slightly more subtle options for mood lighting. Hang them behind a curtain, or mix them in with canvas artwork on the wall. Or just let them live front and center and dazzle your guest with their warm glow as all the other lights in the room fade away.

4) Philips Hue Lighting

Opting for ambient lighting in the form of smart bulbs is a versatile choice that will fit any decor or mood. Philips Hue bulbs allow full control when it comes to lighting your space; not only will they sync with your smart home devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Hue Hub, but the app lets you craft scenes, set timers, activate your lights via voice control, and, if paring with the Hub, even sync up with your movies or music. Best of all, the bulbs can slip right into most existing lamps or sconces, integrating perfectly with the look you’ve already curated for your home. But if you’re starting your lighting journey from scratch, there are also table lamps, light strips, recessed lighting, and more in this line to set you on your way.

5) Galaxy Projector

Projectors that fill the room with thoughts of celestial stars have had a major moment in the last couple of years—and for good reason. They’re capable of creating a pretty dramatic impact without much effort, and without breaking the bank. Something so bold isn’t for everyone, but this galaxy projector offers customizable brightness, color schemes, speed, and various scene modes to help you find a look that transports you out of the bedroom and into the perfect fantasy.

6) Sunset Lamp

There’s little more romantic than the glow of a setting sun, whether you’re sitting on the beach watching it sink beneath the waves or mesmerized by the rays of light streaming in through the window just right. Real sunsets may be fleeting each day, but replicating that radiance inside your home has never been easier, thanks to the rise of sunset projection lamps. Whether you prefer the traditional warmth of orange and yellow, or something a little more whimsically colorful, a sunset lamp can provide sexy mood lighting for a date night to remember in no time.

7) Neon Lighting

To some people, at the end of the day, there’s nothing sexier than the grimy vibe of a dive bar, complete with cheap beer, sticky floors, and some of the most random neon signs you’ll ever find. To those people, we say: good on you for knowing exactly who you are. If peeling paint and a warbling jukebox turn you on, you might want to consider bringing some of that neon lighting home to get in the mood after the last call.

8) Touch Lamp

Sometimes simple is best. If all you want to set the mood is to ditch the harsh overhead lights in favor of a small, glimmering glow, a customizable touch lamp might just be enough. Three brightness levels and an array of different color options make this sleek lamp able to transform a room in a multitude of ways without overcomplicating things. The fact that it’s rechargeable, battery operated, and comes with its own remote also makes it easy to find just the right place to start setting the tone with this no-brainer of a purchase.

No matter which option feels right to you, when you’re ready to shift the mood of your living space and keep things cruising from romance to no pants, all these lighting options will work their magic. The rest is up to you.