‘What’s your sign?’: The most compatible zodiac signs for sex that will have you seeing stars

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One of the most common things people ask about when they’re first diving into astrology is synastry. “Are my partner and I compatible?” is a common question, alongside ones like, “How do I attract my Pisces boyfriend?”

But let’s spice it up a little by taking a look at the signs and their sexual compatibility.

Most people stop at sun signs, but of course, other planets have an effect on us as well. Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio (traditionally) is the planet that governs our actions and sexual activity. Venus rules what we’re attracted to and how we like to receive pleasure. Take a look at Venus and Mars in your chart to see how your sexual energy plays out. 

Remember, we are all influenced by our entire natal chart and the planets transiting in real-time. The following pairings are intended to be applied to your sun, Mars, Venus, and rising signs. 

ARIES & AQUARIUS: What Aries lacks in attention span, Aquarius can fill in with a firm hand and “out of this world” experiences. Spontaneity and role play are the themes of this union. The proud warrior may act like the primal dominator during the mating dance, but ultimately, the silent and deadly Aquarian black mamba strikes at the tip, grabs Aries’s hair, and reminds them who’s the back shot boss. Perhaps some BDSM? Aries trying their hand at fire play? Somebody’s squirting and Aquarius is going to catch it. Be careful not to draw blood without consent. 

TAURUS & PISCES: While Taurus can be a bit shallow and materialistic, in and out of the bedroom, Pisces can bring in that saucy depth that the earth-based Venusians crave. Taurus can set the physical and spatial mood with lovely candles and blackout curtains. Pisces entices their lover by setting the imagination on fire for a hot night of caressing and foot worship. While both aim to please, Taurus’ slow and methodical oral skills can send Pisces to the other side of the universe and back. Pisces returns the favor by covering Venus in a bubble of pleasure, allowing an escape from 3D distractions. Are you seeing stars yet?

GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS: What better pairing than the two signs known for terrorizing the rest of the zodiac? Just kidding. I love all of you, equally. Gemini stimulates Sag’s need for a teacher and experimentalist. Sag craves to perform all the acrobatics involved in Gemini’s sexual theater. Whether they’re fighting or laughing after a hot night out, they’re bound to break furniture, or elope. This combo is better as fuck buddies or swingers, but is always a good time.

CANCER & VIRGO: There’s nothing a sadistic Virgo enjoys more than the helpless “please” from their delicate damsel in distress. Cancer’s hard shell outside of the bedroom provides the perfect canvas for flowers in the park and floggers in the dungeon. Don’t forget to kiss each other’s foreheads when you’re done. Cancer lives for the strong, solid strokes that lead to perfectly fried egg yolks in the wee hours of the morning. Don’t let the emotions muddy your connection though.

LEO & LIBRA: Lights. Camera. Action If the world could watch in slow motion, you’d record it in a hologram and project it into every bedroom. My goodness, do you two love the sex faces. There’s no such thing as starfish sex for you. Bring in the grapes, royal servants, and the harem, because everything between you will be tantric and luxurious. You both crave attention from each other and want the world to know how much your partner can please you. Bubble baths and back rubs before riding cowgirl and singing in each other’s ear. This is porn star lovin’.
SCORPIO & CAPRICORN: Silent but deadly. You see them across the room and no words need to be shared. Bathroom? Car? Alley? Oral on the couch while they lay in another’s lap? Threesome? Whatever it is, as long as it may break a rule, they’ll do it. Sex is their main outlet to let go, let loose, and command their full power. Capricorn loves the hot and wet intensity of Scorpio, who wants to be backed into a wall. Perhaps even at (consensual) knife point. They understand each other’s desires and find grounding in their sexual appetites. Leather. Choking. Deep, watery, strokes. I’d pay a WWE PPV price to be a fly on that wall.