Motorbunny BUCK is the height of luxury hedonism

As a sex writer and sex toy reviewer, I have tried hundreds, if not thousands, of sex toys over my nearly 25-year career. I have put every one of my holes through the paces in the name of investigative pleasure. At this point, very little strikes me as strange. Still, when it comes to sex toys, it takes a lot to impress me. So, when I got to try the Motorbunny BUCK, I lubed up and leaped at the chance.

I’m a big fan of the Original machine and couldn’t wait to try out its new attachments and thrusting capabilities. 

Read on to learn more about this amazing sex machine, how to use it, and all the ways it can step up your solo and partnered sex life: 

What is the Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK?

The BUCK by Doc Johnson x Motorbunny is a mashup of two amazing sex toy technologies—a hybrid saddle vibrator and a thrusting sex machine. It is remote-controlled with the Motorbunny LINK-enabled Controller, which allows it to be controlled via an app as well. 

On the day of delivery, I stalked my UPS driver online until they delivered it to my doorstep. I giddily brought the package inside and proceeded to unbox it. As I unpacked the saddle and its various attachments, my mind spun with all sorts of sexy possibilities.

Besides two toggles, four attachments, and two silicone dildos, the saddle has four stainless steel hard points for bondage and restraint play. (I am very much into rope bondage and restraint play.) It also comes with a Right Angle Wedge, which allows you to mount your BUCK at a 90-degree angle for doggy style penetration. Since I’m all about instant gratification, I immediately cleared my schedule for the rest of the day. 

How much does the Motorbunny BUCK cost?

Pleasure comes at a cost, especially when technology is involved. The Motorbunny BUCK is $1,649 with free shipping. However, you can save $50 by using the code “PLEASER” at checkout.

How to use the Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK?

First things first! You’ll want to set aside time to unbox everything and familiarize yourself with the machine. Like, give yourself a good hour to go through everything. The Quick Start Guide makes setup super easy. I appreciate how clearly it identifies all the parts and walks users through everything they need to know to customize their ride in 11 illustrated steps.

motorbunny buck app

Start by placing the saddle on a flat, comfortable surface. Next, I put a yoga mat under my BUCK to make it easier on my knees. Then, I topped it with my Liberator Fascinator Throw in case I ejaculate. (Spoiler alert: I did. Multiple times.)

Next, attach the AC adapter to the backside of the saddle (where the attachment hardware meets the edge of the machine) and plug it into a nearby outlet. 

What attachments does the Motorbunny BUCK come with?

Now, it’s decision time! BUCK has two toggles to choose from: The Thrust moves attachments straight up and down. The other toggle, G-Thrust, moves your attachment up and forward in a finger-bang motion toward your G-spot/P-spot. (One of the great things about BUCK is that it works with all genders and genitals.) Since I reliably come when fingered with a “come hither” motion, I opted for the G-Thrust. 

Next, choose from three silicone attachments: Flat, Sweet Spot, or Thumper. The Flat is an excellent attachment for grinding for people with vaginas who want vibration only. You get all the good feelings from direct external stimulation to the clitoris, labia, anus, and perineum without penetration. The Sweet Spot is a smooth and curved 5″ shaft that can be used with either toggle attachment. The Thumper is a bit thicker, with a slight curve and ribbed grooves. If you like the feeling of fullness (raises hand!), this 6″ shaft will pump you full of yummy pleasure. It fit me perfectly and was my favorite of the three. 

If you crave something more significant, use the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock adapter and one of the two dildos molded directly from a real cock. Be sure to use the enclosed Vac-U Powder or cornstarch to lubricate the cavity and make it easier to slide the silicone shaft on and off the attachment. Otherwise, it can be tricky to switch out dildos. 

How do you use the Motorbunny BUCK?

Once everything is secure, attach the controller to the front of the machine. Now, you’re ready to ride! 

Lube up—if you’re so inclined. I firmly believe “the wetter, the better” when it comes to sex and sex toys. Then, straddle the saddle and gently lower yourself down on the machine. 

Once you’re in position, use the controller to explore 11 increments of thrust, or “Buck” speeds, and “Buzz” vibration. I started off slow, settling on 5 for both functions. After a few minutes, I was able to dial Buck up to 11, and it was legit, like being railed, except by a cock that wouldn’t quit or come. I came a few times in quick succession before I had to dial it down to more sustainable, pussy-friendly speeds. 

Or, you could hand over control to a partner via the remote or the LINK app (works in-room through Bluetooth or worldwide via the internet). For people with fine motor disabilities, the Motorbunny BUCK is a great hands-free sex toy due to this technology. We’ll talk more about BUCK’s LINK technology in a moment… 

When you’re all done, dial the controls back to zero and unplug. Next, wipe down the machine with soap and water and clean whatever attachments you use. (It’s OK to submerge the attachments.) 

Lets talk Motorbunny LINK

I’ll be honest; I’m not the most tech-savvy of people. I’m terrible at following directions and tend to give up on tech experiences (yes, I’m talking to you, apps) if they aren’t intuitive. 

I had zero problems downloading the Motorbunny LINK app to my phone and sending a secure, private link to my partner via text. As we’ve had many sexy romps on the Original using the corded remote control, I was excited to see what the LINK app features could do. So, the question really is, what can’t it do?

Being exposed and vulnerable is a big turn-on for me. So, handing over total control of my pleasure to a trusted someone was exhilarating. (If you don’t want to give a partner full reign on the “Buzz” and “Buck” controls, you can set a maximum power in the app for each session. As my partner tapped through various “Buzz” and “Thrust” routines, I wavered between laughter and moans. It will take more time and practice to figure out which pre-programmed patterns I like best. But I really dug it when he used the Draw feature to trace repetitive loops before tapping a series of dots that made me throb with anticipation. There’s something incredibly arousing about not knowing what stimulation will happen next. 

For webcam models, LINK also integrates with Chaturbate. 

BDSM Bunny

If you’re into bondage or simply BDSM curious, the BUCK offers a few fun options. The saddle comes with four anchors, two on either side. These eyelets can be used with nipple clamps, ankle restraints, or tied with bondage rope. Adaptable hardware aside, having the ability to restrain someone and control their pleasure is a hot addition to any D/s training or dynamic. Don’t get me started on all the possible scenes for humiliation. 

Most recently, Motorbunny released a Dungeon Master Forced Orgasm Belt (sold separately). Designed with Red Room accessories, the new BDSM tool restrains the rider’s body from the waist. It secures them in place for multiple orgasmic adventures. Consensually, of course. And like all BDSM play, safe words are highly recommended here. 

What else does the Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK do? 

OK, so I’m really excited about the Right Angle Wedge that comes with the BUCK. It’s a feature I wished the Motorbunny Original had, and frankly, tried to finagle many times—unsuccessfully. In addition, the wedge makes it possible to flip the saddle on its side for doggy-style penetration, putting all suction cup thrusters to shame. 

What should you consider when buying a Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK?

Take your time and do some research. Buying a sex machine is a much more significant investment than, let’s say, buying a dildo or butt plug. 

Look up trusted sex toy blogger reviews. They’ve road-tested hundreds of sex toys and have a mental library of experiences for comparison. 

motorbunny buck side view

Like buying any sex toy, pay attention to body-safe materials, like non-porous silicone. Also, take a close look at the technical specs – weight, controls, strength, and sound of the motor, and how well it’s made. All of it matters. 

Do you live in a place that allows noise? Even on a padded surface, the Motorbunny BUCK is pretty loud. 

Consider what the warranty covers and what customer support look like. The Motorbunny BUCK’s warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase. If your machine is defective, they’ll fix or replace it. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s good to know what kind of help is available in case your orgasms are (god forbid) abruptly put on mechanical pause. 

Should you buy a Doc Johnson x Motorbunny BUCK?

Quality sex toys can be expensive. If you’re looking to add a vibrating piece of furniture to your bedroom, dungeon, or sex room, the BUCK stands in a league of its own. I cannot recommend it highly enough. There’s a reason why people are willing to spend top dollar on the BUCK—it’s the only saddle-style sex machine with two thrusting motions and its signature “all the way to 11” vibration. (Trust me, you’ll want to go all the way to 11.)

If you can swing it, it’s unlike any other sex toy I’ve ever tried. I mean, my first words after the initial ride were, “OH MY GAWD! This is better than most cishet cock I’ve been with.” As a queer femme who’s fucked and been fucked more ways and by more people than most can imagine, I can say with confidence the BUCK can—and will—outperform most biological cock, and, certainly, any strap-on. I emphasize performance because the BUCK will never replace human touch and an emotional connection. 

Whether I ride solo, strictly for my pleasure, or use it with a partner (long distance or IRL), there are so many options to play, explore, and have wildly intense, orgasmic fun. It’s become a part of my regular masturbation routine, and I use it far more often than I ever thought I would. (And I have A LOT of sex toys in my rotation.)

Also, it’s been a sexy addition to partner sex, whether it’s incorporated into BDSM scenes or to create a playful dynamic. If you can splurge, the BUCK is 100% worth it.