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Motorbunny is the ultimate ride in self-pleasure

If you want steady stimulation that won’t stop ‘til you get enough, consider investing in a sex machine. It can be used with or without a partner and is the next best thing to a penis or strap-on. In some ways, it’s even better because you control when it stops. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Motorbunny.

What is the Motorbunny?

The Motorbunny Original is a saddle-style sex machine. These mountable machines feature a vibrating dildo or other pleasure-inducing attachments (not all resemble penises) and a control dial. A wall outlet powers it, so you’re tethered by a cord. Think of riding a mechanical bull, except with a thrusting phallus and no risk of being bucked.

It’s reliably hard, always ready to fuck, and able to go another round with no refractory period. And if getting off isn’t your end game, that’s OK too. The ramble of pleasure on the Motorbunny can be pretty damn delightful. Of course, pleasure doesn’t come cheap. This is a premium sex toy that takes up space and is professionally built.

motor bunny and model

What’s the history of the sex machine?

For over three decades, the Sybian has been a leader in sexual stimulation devices. Original Sybian creator, Dave Lampert, tapped into a woman’s pleasure, noting they’d be more likely to orgasm if they were on top, in cowgirl position, able to control the depth and pace of a motorized, thrusting dildo.

The concept took off in the early aughts when the machine was regularly featured on the Howard Stern Show. Who can forget when Stern asked Carmen Electra to ride a Sybian on live radio? The sex toy became a wild success as women discovered the sweet joy of hands- and partner-free pleasure and orgasms. 

Since the Sybian’s debut in 1987, a few other styles of sex machines have emerged, including dolls, strokers, thrusters, and gliders, which are similar to saddles but powered by humans. But for this piece, we’re talking about the Motorbunny. 

Who can use a sex machine? 

Anyone! Although the Sybian was initially marketed as a masturbation device for women, sex machines are versatile for people of any gender. (It should be noted that not all women have vaginas, and not everyone with a vagina is a woman.) 

The Motorbunny Original is a versatile sex machine that can be used solo, with partners, or from a distance over Wi-Fi. Men, transgender, and non-binary individuals can also use it for vaginal, anal, penile, and clitoral stimulation. And people with prostates will especially dig the oscillating, vibrating Keister Bunny prostate massager attachment

For people with fine motor disabilities, the Motorbunny Original is a great hands-free sex toy since it’s operated via remote control or Wi-Fi (with the Link Controller)

The Motorbunny Original is also a crowd-pleaser at sex parties. I’ve personally taken mine to several events, using condoms as a safety precaution and cleaning attachments between users. I even brought it out during an at-home brunch, with the consent of curious guests who wanted to see it in action—and then, of course, give it a whirl. 

How to use a Motorbunny? 

motorbunny profile

These machines are super simple to use. 

First: choose a riser. These come in two sizes—one is higher; the other is lower. Whichever height you prefer will determine how close contact the attachment will make with your genitals. 

Next, pick an attachment and place it on the rod or spring. The rod provides a firmer ride, while the spring is more flexible. Most attachments feature a series of little bumps in front for clitoral stimulation. If you’re not into penetration, a flat attachment is more like a small mound than a penis. 

Time to grab some lube and saddle up! Straddle the machine, lower your hips, and then vagina over the attachment until it reaches optimal penetration. Here, gravity is your friend!

Start slowly. The Motorbunny Original has two options: Twirl and Buzz; one controls a teasing, circle-like motion, while the other controls the vibration. Both dials go from 1 to 11; for my body, 11 is A LOT. The vibrations are meant to be used simultaneously, and it took some finagling to figure out what combination of intensities worked best.

Advanced Motorbunny technics

Now, the real fun begins. While I enjoy playing with the Motorbunny solo, it’s even more fun with a partner. I can play with my boobs, clit, and be penetrated while allowing my partner to control my pleasure via remote control. Talk about edging potential! For even more fun, I’ll have my partner position themself in front of me for a hand job or oral sex while I ride. Did I mention that I’m good at multitasking?

Long-distance partners can buy the LINK Bluetooth & Internet Controller for sexy, virtual play. Basically, anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled phone can access the Motorbunny app and take charge of the Buzz and Twirl functions. Then, add Facetime to the mix for some super-hot virtual fun.

What else does the Motorbunny do?

As I mentioned, handing over the remote or app access to a partner takes edging to a new level—ditto for forced orgasms. 

The Motorbunny also features four hard metal points, which I’ve incorporated into rope bondage scenarios. Of course, they could also be used for handcuffs, nipple clamps, and other tools of dominance.

What should you consider when buying a Motor Bunny? 

The Motorbunny Original is powerful. Like, you may have a hard time walking the next day if you overindulge. My advice? Start small. Think 5K to start, not a full-blown marathon.

It’s loud, especially on vibration speeds 6 to 11. Thankfully, I live in a first-floor apartment. I could not imagine using this toy if I had downstairs neighbors. 

Buy kneepads or put down something cushy to spare your knees from any pain. Mine start to feel it at the half-hour mark. If I’m going to feel weak in the knees, I want it to be from orgasms, not stress on my knees.

It takes up space. It may not fit on your bedside table, but it’s portable enough and super easy to set up. If you don’t want to schlep yours around in a suitcase or IKEA bag, as I do, there are custom, wheeled cases available.

It’s pricey. The Motorbunny Original is on sale for $999, but you can get an extra $50 off when you use our exclusive coupon code PLEASER at checkout. That said, sex machines are about as realistic as a PIV experience one can have without flesh or a human-powered strap-on. So consider it a long-term investment in your orgasms.  

Should you buy a Motorbunny? 

If you have money to burn, by all means, go for it. It’s slightly less expensive than the Sybian, and the powerful vibration of this machine is off the charts. If you dream of going to the edge and back—over and over again-straddle this saddle for an intensely good time. Orgasms, solo or remote-controlled, are inevitable.