Kickstarter backs its first ‘adult’ product

There are countless options for organizing different parts of your life, but one area is still lacking: How do you organize your sex toys?

Or rather, your “pleasure products”?

Behold the MUA Box, created by Brooklyn designer Lidia Bonilla. She recently launched a Kickstarter to fund her idea, and it’s the first “adult” product on the crowdfunding site.

For many, sex toys are furtively stashed under a mattress or tossed in a junk drawer. If someone does accidentally open that drawer (remember Miranda’s housecleaner nightmare in Sex and the City?), embarrassment can be hard to deflect, though many people present their toys as badges of honor. (As part of the marketing, there’s a series of infomercial-like spots in which different scenarios end in uncomfortable sex toy discoveries.)

This happened to Bonilla while designing her home. An interior decorator accidentally opened the “junk drawer,” and had no advice when Bonilla asked where other clients kept their pleasure products. A trip to adult shop Babeland offered no options for storage, but the salesperson told her it was one of their most common requests.

And so Bonilla conspired to design a product  that combined personal empowerment with organization, but it was important that the design be accessible.


Kickstarter hasn’t had the best track record curating adult products, but there’s a whole market of designers and entrepreneurs offering options, and people are looking for a unique take, as the popularity of Bonilla’s product suggests.

She notes “MUA was founded on the belief that embarrassment has no place in the pursuit of pleasure.” And since she’s not selling a vibrator, but rather than the imagined vessel for it, Kickstarter’s supporting her proposal.

Bonilla’s also been careful with the language, calling it a “pleasure product” and further describing it as a “design centric storage solution for the pleasure enthusiast.” The photos on the site look like they could be in an IKEA catalog, and she gently encourages you to “Back the Box.” Perhaps the organization of pleasure will lead to more demand, and sites like Kickstarter will open up to the idea.

Photos via Kickstarter