Kickstarter for My Toes Story promises adult game for feet lovers

Foot fetish fans, rejoice: There’s a new visual novel on Kickstarter in which players get to know women “from head to toe.”

My Toes Story is an upcoming visual novel by adult development team Osjey Games. The game follows an art school graduate finally setting out on his own in the world. But there’s one problem for the protagonist: He has a foot fetish.

“Can he hide the fact that he likes feet? Everyone would abandon him forever if they found out about his embarrassing kink,” the Kickstarter notes. “What he can’t imagine though, is that some girls out there might be just as perverted as him!”

My Toes Story is a dating simulator: Players manage their day-to-day activities, simultaneously raising money through commissions while going on dates with their preferred love interests. Characters include a 24-year-old MMA fighter with size 10 feet, a 22-year art teacher with size 7s, and an otaku college student with a modest size 6.

Players can expect branching narrative decisions, foot-focused illustrations, and sexually explicit content. Stretch goals include an additional character, a beach scene, animated illustrations, and voice acting.

the pairs of feet from My Toes Story

Foot fetishism is incredibly prominent; academic studies find “feet and foot accessories are the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts and objects,” Live Science reports. Games writer Kate Gray, who specializes in sexuality in games, argues there is a neurological basis for the fetish: Feet and genitalia’s erogenous zones are closely linked in the brain, which explains why “wires get crossed very easily.”

“But that’s a boring scientific reason, and it downplays the very real intimacy and sensuality that can come from feet,” Gray told the Daily Dot. “Though I’m not personally into feet, I am ticklish—and erogenous zones tend to be the more sensitive ones, so it makes sense that feet are, very simply, fun to include in sex!”

A foot fetish scene from My Toes Story

Some of the most popular adult titles, such as Ghosthug Games’ Hardcoded, deal with fetishes like tentacle porn and erotic dismemberment. This is not a coincidence; Gray argues games offer “agency and interactivity” in ways that traditional, linear pornography does not.

“With games, you can get to know someone and have sex with them, which is more enticing to people who want a bit more plot, a bit more intimacy with that character,” Gray said. “There’s still a challenge, of course, whether that’s matching enough shapes that the character takes their clothes off, or saying the right thing to make someone like you, but that’s part of the fun, and part of the reason why it’s more exciting than just porn.”

My Toes Story’s Kickstarter launched on Thursday and has an $18,128 goal. By Friday afternoon, the game had just over $500 in funding. Pledge rewards range from a Steam key with an 18+ patch to a custom original character for just over $3,000.

The Daily Dot reached out to Osjey Games for comment.