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MysteryVibe Poco is the perfect flexible vibrator for small hands

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Writing about the best ways to squirt is always a little frustrating for someone with small hands. I, and a lot of other people, need both clitoral and G-spot stimulation to achieve orgasm. Often the desired result felt just out of reach. When MysteryVibe asked if I wanted to test the Poco, I was intrigued. In practice, I’m in love. With a flexible design, smartphone app, and compact form, the Poco might be my new favorite guaranteed good time.

What is the MysteryVibe Poco?

The Poco is a small, blue, silicone bullet-style vibrator with two joints that allow for unprecedented flexibility. Even better, Poco has two independently controlled motors, one in each section. This ensures both the clitoris and the G-spot receive direct stimulation from one toy. Thanks to its already small design, the Poco fits easily into a purse, a drawer, or a very small hand. This is great for me because I have suffered hand cramps more than once trying to juggle multiple toys. 

An animated GIF showing two hands bending an aqua Mysteryvibe Poco vibrator in four different positions.

Beyond fitting these incredible features into a rechargeable and shower-proof toy, MysteryVibe has outfitted the Poco with Bluetooth capability. The MysteryVibe app allows you to explore countless combinations of vibration patterns by creating your own or downloading pre-created options.

Is the Poco fun to use?

A close-up of a man sitting beside someone, the man's hand is holding an aqua Mysteryvibe Poco vibrator.

Trying out new sex toys—looking for a specific and promised outcome—can be overwhelming. If it doesn’t work, it can feel like a personal failure, especially when the marketing claims it’s easy for anyone and anybody. The Poco was a pleasant departure from this experience. The fully articulated joints on the toy were so much fun to play with on their own. (I do recommend being gentle when bending it, however)

Once I found the best configuration for the physical toy, I downloaded the MysteryVibe app to my iPhone. The setup process was relatively simple, just tapping the right buttons when prompted. 

Navigating through the library of vibration patterns was a little overwhelming at first—I’m a very straightforward kind of person when it comes to vibrators and I rarely use anything fancy. But, it was fun to create my own patterns and experiment with the hundreds of combinations available for each of the two motors. My partner had to redirect me several times when I got carried away with all of the options.

Is the Poco even a good sex toy?

Fancy features aside, the point of buying a vibrator is to make sex better and more enjoyable. The Poco accomplishes this in spades. For those, like me, with smaller hands or disabilities that make complicated acts of contortion uncomfortable, the Poco is the perfect solution if you’re looking for dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation. 

The flexibility makes it easy to use in almost any position while the Bluetooth capability makes it a truly hands-free experience. Even my partner, who is partially visually impaired, says the app makes it enjoyable to use. 

Most importantly, for my purposes, it made me squirt each and every time I used it. The wide base on the head does require a bit of maneuvering if you’re only looking for clitoral stimulation, but it’s so worth it.

Is the Poco worth buying?

At $179 (currently on sale for $134), the Poco is an investment toy that I believe is more than worth the sticker price. The unique, innovative design solves a specific problem without sacrificing its effectiveness. It’s also just a hell of a lot of fun to use, both solo and with a partner. 

MysteryVibe has created a toy that addresses multiple accessibility concerns, included several enjoyable features, and packed it all into a water-resistant, compact design. There’s a slight learning curve for the many vibration options, but overall the Poco is a fantastic option for anyone looking to expand their current roster of vibrating toys.