Get bent out of sorts (in a good way!) with MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2

Sexual wellness companies around the world love telling us they have the next big thing, but rarely are they able to put their money where their mouth is. MysteryVibe does what a lot of companies only talk about—and the unisex Crescendo 2 is evidence of that.

When MysteryVibe released its original Crescendo vibrator, the world’s first body-adaptable smart vibrator, its claim to fame was beating the Apple Watch at the Design Week Awards. That’s nothing to sneeze at, though the first design had some issues.

The way it charged was cumbersome. I personally despised it and it really made me not want to use the item once it died the first time. I won’t lie, if a toy isn’t easy to recharge, it will go in a drawer and probably not come back out. But the design of the Crescendo is such that I didn’t relegate it to the place where bad toys go to die.

I voiced my concerns to the company as I’m sure other consumers did. MysteryVibe listened. 

Crescendo was developed to mimic human fingers and be infinitely flexible so users can bend it to fit their body, whatever the size. It delivers targeted vibrations precisely where needed to help with sexual health issues and encourages discovery of new erogenous zones.

Crescendo 2 takes this pioneering device to new heights by making all the elements that made Crescendo great even better, including making charging a breeze.

What is Crescendo 2?

The Crescendo 2 is a vibrator at its core, but it’s also much, much more. It’s the first vibrator made to mimic fingers and can be used by anyone and in almost any way you can imagine—g-spot, p-spot, and clitoral stimulation, but it can also be wrapped around a penis and used on the perineum. Each vibrator is hand built, featuring six individual motors, is infinitely flexible, and able to be molded into just about any shape and size you could possibly need. 

What’s new with the Crescendo 2?

The creators of this award-winning vibrator asked customers what needed to be changed about their product and took their replies to heart. They made this version more powerful and with even quieter vibrations along the entire shaft. It also features dedicated directional vibration for powerful clitoral stimulation from a re-designed clitoral mount (the wings). The redesign features a floating motor encased in a solid silicone structure to deliver improved and targeted vibration transmission to the clitoris.

It also bends differently than the original model. Initially, it felt stiffer, but that’s a good thing, as that allows it to stay in shape consistently under pressure. I did notice I wasn’t having to move it back into place as much as I did with the original design, which is awesome when you’re in the middle of playing. The last thing you want is your toy moving where you don’t want, right when you’re about to orgasm. 

Another issue I had with the original design was how in-set the buttons were. They were difficult to feel when you were using the vibrator and MysteryVibe fixed that. They enhanced accessibility with beautifully designed buttons that are large, tactile, and raised along with prominent, multi-colored lights and visual cues for ease of use, especially to aid the visually impaired or those suffering from dexterity issues. I will add, that the buttons are a bit stiff at first, so I am a big fan of the app on my phone once I get the vibrator turned on.

Crescendo 2’s overall product shape and size were retained from the first model to keep it accessible to various anatomies, across all genders and orientations. We all have preferences when it comes to size, but I like that this company kept things “in the middle” in order to accommodate as many people as possible. Plus, if you were used to the toy in its original incarnation, you’re getting it again—just much improved!

crescendo 2

What makes Crescendo 2 special?

Crescendo 2 bends at six points and has six motors that create vibration patterns to suit a variety of needs and desires. Users can also customize every motor to specific vibration patterns using the free app on iOS & Android. 

In addition to deep customer feedback, the FDA-registered Crescendo 2 was built upon extensive feedback from the medical community, including its recently published study on Genito-pelvic pain and penetration disorder (GPPPD). This study found that the Crescendo 2 improved pain scores by an unprecedented 480%. The product description also promises the vibrator can alleviate symptoms of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, and vulva pain conditions—and claims continual use eases pain from trauma, scar tissue, and postpartum pelvic weakness.

Using the Crescendo 2 in practice

Enough of the techno-speak, what you really want to know is, how well the Crescendo 2 work when you’re actually using it. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but personally, I can say it’s a real winner. You really can’t go wrong with a device that bends and stays in place, can be used on any type of body, and can be controlled by you or your partner with an app on your phone. 

Before getting started, you should charge your new Crescendo 2 for about an hour with the included USB charging cable—this will give you at least two hours of playtime. While you’re waiting, go ahead and download the MysteryVibe app. When the toy is charged, be sure to give it a good washing with mild soap and water. It’s made with medical-grade, body-safe silicone, so please use the appropriate lube so you don’t ruin your new favorite toy. 

Once the toy is connected to the app, it will automatically switch to the screen with 12 pre-programmed vibration patterns. You can also download more pre-programmed patterns, create your own pattern, search tags, and change your settings. (Note: you can only have 12 vibration patterns on your playlist/home screen at once, but you don’t lose what you’ve created or downloaded.)

MysteryVibe has a fantastic page dedicated to different positions and ideas for playtime if you’re stuck but for me, it was a no-brainer as to what I wanted to try first with this toy. The fact it could be molded into a C-shape to mimic the come-hither motion that’s perfect for making me squirt was absolutely my first goal. The wings on the end of this vibrator fit snugly on my clit while the body of the toy bent to mold to my body and slid right into place. 

After getting the Crescendo 2 exactly where I wanted it, I grabbed my phone and started swiping through the vibration patterns until I found the one that hit both my G-spot and clit in a way that would do precisely what I wanted. I figured out that if I applied a little pressure to where it entered my body, giving it more contact with my G-spot, I got better results. I also rocked it a bit and in no time, I found myself experiencing a blended orgasm. 

Pros and Cons of The Snail

No product is perfect, although this one comes pretty close. Every type of body is different and I think MysteryVibe did a great job trying to accommodate everyone, but I would prefer this toy to be a little thicker. I understand that would make it more difficult to bend, so I definitely don’t take away from how great a product it is. 

The app was a little tricky at first as far as connecting the toy to Bluetooth. The original Crescendo had a Bluetooth symbol on the button you were to press, which is how I ended up figuring out what I was doing wrong with the new item.  I would have gotten it through the process of elimination eventually, but it was a little frustrating at first. 

However, the toy sets an important precedent for the sexual health industry, proving that medical devices can be beautifully designed to be pleasure-centric. Equally, pleasure devices can be designed from a health perspective and backed by medical evidence.

The Bottom Line

You really can’t go wrong with choosing this toy. It would be fantastic for someone who’s never owned a sex toy before, for couples, for someone who wants something gender neutral, or for anyone who wants to try something new in the bedroom.