Couple uses stolen phone to upload their NSFW selfies to owner’s Dropbox

Well, that’s one way to celebrate getting a new phone for free.

A mom whose cellphone was stolen found nude photos of an unfamiliar couple in her Dropbox account soon afterward.

Victoria Brodsky had linked her Samsung Galaxy S3 to Dropbox, and when the phone was stolen at a street fair in Brooklyn, she went online only to see the alleged thieves posting sexually explicit images and X-rated videos to her folder on the cloud storage service. 

The sexy selfies didn’t soon stop, either. The duo probably didn’t know that their photos would get back to the phone’s original owner.

The timestamps on the photos show they were taken after Brodsky’s phone went missing. Brodsky said she wants help finding the couple and getting justice, however police told reporters that just because the pair has the phone doesn’t mean they’re guilty of stealing it.

They are guilty of sexy, sexy narcissism, though. Lock ‘em up, coppers. I’m sure they already have handcuffs.

H/T CNET / Screengrab via WPIX