Naughty America is the Bitcoin-using, high-def experience of your VR porn dreams

“Naughty America” is an appropriate name for a porn site if we’ve ever seen one. The U.S.A. is one of the largest consumers of porn in the world, and according to its 2019 Year in Review, who’s PornHub‘s number one source of traffic? That’s right, kids. ‘Murica!

So, really, it’s no surprise that a studio chose a name in tribute to porn’s biggest fans. But if you choose to have the biggest in the game in your name, you better live up to the hype!

What is

Naughty America is fast establishing itself the go-to site for technologically advanced porn consumption. Launched in 2001 under a different name—SoCal Cash, adopted its current name in 2004.

The new name was a nod to the promise of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”. Happiness indeed!

Since then, Naughty America has garnered plenty of awards from porn authorities AVN and XBIZ, and has delighted everyday viewers, too. In the past six months, the site has drawn over 8.25 million visits.

Kenna James & Katie Kush post for Naughty America in flag bikinis

For the San Diego-based studio, though, the real action seems to be in emerging technologies. Whether the hot new trend is iPods or selfie apps or virtual reality, Naughty America reliably rolls out a product attuned to the times.

Is Naughty America free?

In order to enjoy the extensive library of Naughty America videos, photos, VR scenes, you’ll have to become a paid member. But the cost of membership is unlikely to break the bank. You’ll get top stars and quality content for as little at $7.95 a month.

Still skeptical? For less than $2 you can get the sweetest appetizer you’ve ever had: a three-day trial to the site and all its goodies!

Naughty America membership perks

1. Unlimited access to thousands of 4K and HD videos and high-resolution photos

Naughty America hosts over 11,000 videos, and over 6,000 of those are captured in stunning 4K or HD. Forget the grainy and blurry amateur porn clips. With this kind of definition, you’ll be able to count the hairs on any body part… if there are any.

The site is constantly updating content, like, a couple of times per day. As such, you’ll never run out of content to satisfy your cravings. If you prefer more still action, every video comes with a handful of high-res photo.

2. The site supports VR, 3D and Hologram capabilities

A still from a video showing a woman in underwear interrupting a man playing piano

Imagine, dicks thrusting out of your television screen and into your living room! In 2014, Naughty America strove to make that scenario reality, announcing that it would transition to 4K resolution in shooting its videos.

“The closer we can come to making it feel like you’re there, the more successful we are,” CEO Andreas Hronopoulos said at the time, according to the Verge.

Naughty America does not play around when it comes to innovation. Membership provides you with hundreds of 180-degree Naughty America VR videos, which are compatible with Google Cardboard, Oculus Go and Rift, Samsung, and Playstation gear.

The site is clearly looking toward the future of porn. Explore the site’s hologram scenes and shuffle through some of the best poses, pole dances, and ass shakes you can imagine. Holograms even include some beefy AR men, if that’s the way your cookie melts.

The 3D scenes are the cherry on top of the all-inclusive experience, and have even more customization capabilities. Sift through hundreds of 3D scenes or sort by virtual character (only girls this time, sorry!) Users can even create their own 3D pornscape! 

3. The Fantasy Finder feature

This site lives for excess. Boasting over 400 ultra-specific categories to choose from, you can do a standard scroll-through, or you can use the “Find your Fantasy” search bar.

This advanced search feature helps you find scenes, models, and full-length films specific to your tastes. If you’re the type of person who knows exactly what you want, enter your favorite category, choose the performer, and choose your ideal location.

Chances are, Naughty America has it. Even if your specific fantasy turns up zero results, with the site’s frequent updates, you may soon get your wish.

4. Daily updates to the site’s 60+ channels

A still from the series "The Passenger" showing a woman driving a man

Variety is the spice of life, and apparently one of the secrets to Naughty America’s success. Naughty America is home to over 60 channels of top-rated fantasy videos, like Neighbor Affair, Naughty America: Strip Club, and My Friend’s Hot Mom. With Naughty America, your favorite repeat fantasy can now become a household regular.

5. They were crypto before crypto was cool

Before every bro you know starting buying up cryptocurrency, Naughty America had a Bitcoin payment option. Added in 2014, the Bitcoin payment feature was intended to help people “turn fantasy into reality without reality getting in the way.”

Shortly thereafter, Bitcoin quietly disappeared from the website’s payment page, but resurfaced in 2015. We can likely chalk this up to the cryptocurrency’s perennial volatility, but regardless, Hronopoulos believes millennials are emphatically pro-bitcoin. Evidence suggests he’s correct.

Today Naughty America takes Credit Cards, PayPal, Checks, unused gift cards, and Crypto currency. 

Naughty America membership cons

1. Lack of diversity across the site

With just one look at the performers splayed across the homepage, you know what you’re in for. Most of the performers fit the mainstream porn cliche: thin, light-skinned cis-women, muscular cis-men, giant tits, minimal body hair.

It’s your typical male-gaze-o-rama. In the U.S., 32% of porn viewership is female. Five of the most popular porn categories viewed are gender and physical attribute-specific.

Look, the performers on the site are all very talented and smokin’ hot (and we’ll be the first to say it.) But it would be refreshing to see Naughty America be diverse as the country it’s named after.

The site has little or nothing to offer viewers who are looking for other quality content, like lesbian scenes, or trans, thicc, and non-white performers. Like a lot of mainstream studios, whatever Naughty America is cooking in its great American melting pot is a little bland. We’d love to see the site spice it up by including performers of different body-types and identities.

A woman answering a door and fondling her bra strap for Naughty America

2. The themes are on repeat, and they’re mostly vanilla

We get that Naughty America isn’t trying to brand itself as a fetish porn site. But it does list some popular fetish categories in its directory, so it’s worth mentioning. If you’re looking for something on the kinkier side of porn, you won’t find it here.

The spiciest bite you’ll get from Naughty America will either involve cheating, generic roleplay fantasies like banging your plumber or physical therapist, and a few quick foot-worship scenes. At its core, Naughty America is a trailblazer for implementing technological innovations in porn, but not so much of a grand explorer in the content itself.

Is a Naughty America membership worth it?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a membership to a site that offers interactive, crystal clear content with some pretty porn-y storylines, then yes! If you enjoy videos with a diverse cast, niche fetishes, or purely-amateur films, you might become overstimulated with the tech-savvy extras.