Naughty Natural is the porn site that’s destigmatizing female body hair

When you think of the adult film industry, you should think of it as a host for a diverse cast of performers in all senses of the word. But for whatever reason, somewhere in the mid-’90s hairy women porn disappeared. Bushes and landing strips were replaced with smooth, hairless labia. With the influx of streaming sites and porn popularity, the male gaze took over screens and infiltrated women’s beauty standards. But thanks to recent depictions in pop culture, and a little site called Naughty Natural, hairy women are back with a vengeance!

We all know of the mainstream tube sites that proliferate the web, stocked with clips from countless studio films. But we also know that most of the women captured in those clips sport a hairless vagina. As upsetting as the reality of this may be, there is no denying that the indescribable force that is the porn industry single-handedly changed the way women viewed their own genitalia, starting with the normalization of pubic hair removal.

An article from The Guardian states: “In the same way that porn caused anal sex, a once rare fetish, to become a routine practice in the sex lives of many Americans in only a few decades, porn caused pubic hair removal to become a routine practice among young women.” In a 2017 survey, 40% of men revealed that they had asked their partners to change their grooming habits. 30% also considered having pubic hair to be a dealbreaker in their relationships. As astonishing as this statistic may seem, can you really blame them when the porn industry itself has labeled women’s pubic hair as a fetish? 

hairy women porn

With the rise of the hairless came the fall of the hairy. Even now, with the newest wave of feminists challenging the restricted beauty standards placed on women, and the vast and ever-increasing amount of representative and feminist porn, the mainstream porn industry is still clinging onto their status-quo for feminine beauty. Hairy porn stars are still having to seek out niche studios for a chance at work. Celebrities and civilians alike face backlash whenever they raise their arms. However, despite the very real discrimination these women face, it hasn’t stopped them one bit.

According to market research company NPD Group, the beauty industry category “shave body” has dropped 5% in sales over the past 12 months. Body haircare company Fur Oil has seen revenue grow three times per year since starting in 2016. If the mainstream porn industry got behind the normalization of pubic and body hair, how much more growth would we see? Until then, we’re just going to have to get our kicks from the trailblazing hairy women in porn. Luckily, you can see a lot of it on Naughty Natural.

What is Naughty Natural?

hairy women porn

Naughty Natural is the porn site that celebrates natural hair. It was founded in 2012 by Nikki Silver, a hairy porn star herself. Silver got her start in the adult industry at 18. After years of experience, she came to the realization that it was necessary for her to create a place where diversity and acceptance could flourish––especially since the big porn companies were clearly not trying. She was never a fan of shaving and was offered little work that didn’t require modifying her body. Naughty Natural was born out of the star’s own distaste for the industry’s lack of open-mindedness, inclusivity, and body hair.

“I started sort of resenting the big companies,” she told Vice in a 2014 interview. “I felt like I was mistreated. So I started looking at amateur sites and started producing things with my partner at the time…just shooting people fucking, whatever I could find.” After living in her own car producing and shooting content on the go, she eventually made the move to San Francisco. That’s when Naughty Natural found its groove. 

At its inception, the site specialized in films showcasing natural women in both lesbian and straight scenes. However, as the years passed, Silver introduced photos of herself. She hoped showing beautiful women in their own natural hairy bodies could inspire others to consider the same.

Today, the site boasts over 500 videos and thousands of photos for members’ pleasure. 

Naughty Natural cost

Want to experience the pure, unadulterated beauty of natural pubic hair yourself? We don’t blame you! Naughty Natural performers exude such an air of liberation. You yourself may end up throwing away your own razors in favor of going au naturel! While it might cost you nothing to grow your own hair, I’m sure you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you to enjoy the stars on Naughty Natural. 

Naughty Natural membership benefits

It’s a very intimate source of porn

hairy women porn

If you’ve ever visited a premium tube site, you know firsthand how impersonal the porn viewing experience can be. With Naughty Natural, it’s the exact opposite. While many small studios untethered to the mainstream sites feel homey and handmade, that’s still not always enough.

When you visit Naughty Natural, it’s true that you won’t immediately get the feel of a personal site. That said, with the tiniest bit of digging, you’ll know this site is not like the others. Founder Nikki Silver slipped her personal touch into every nook and cranny. Silver personally runs the Naughty Natural blog (pretty cool, right?!). She also offers the option to email her directly with any questions or concerns. These two things alone make this site one of the most intimate experiences you could have. Once you take a look around, you’ll find yourself feeling safe and excited for what’s to come. 

When it comes to models, the site prioritizes quality over quantity

With just over 80 models, Naughty Naturals’ performer list isn’t exactly small, but it isn’t the biggest either. A performer list of this size could very well be a dealbreaker for some potential members. But in the case of Naughty Natural, it works. Browsing through the performer list and having the ability to view all of their content or read through their bio takes the experience over the edge.

Loads of content is available

The amount of content that this small studio puts out is commendable. Rarely do I find a niche site that can hold its own against some of the larger studios. But with 500 videos, over 96 thousand photos, a blog, and an active comments section, you’ll be entertained for quite some time.

Access to an incredibly active blog

hairy women porn

The blog is easily one of the site’s most interesting features. It’s all about Nikki Silver, who uploads photos and responds to requests regularly. Premium subscribers will be able to enjoy exclusive photos of Nikki, access her own OnlyFans content, and open Q&A’s. While you might not be getting any more content from other favorites on site, Nikki’s own private selfies are worth it!

Naughty Natural cons

Outdated website

The Naughty Natural’s website is a little outdated and can be hard to navigate at times. For instance, there’s no FAQ page. The lack of streamlining when it comes to member help and support could be a lot better. However, that’s the biggest problem I can find with the site and that should tell you something (I’m seriously nitpicking here).

Is Naughty Natural worth it?

Hell yes! I usually say something along the lines of “if it’s not your preference it might not be right for you.” But that’s not the case here. In fact, I’ll step out on a limb and say this is the one porn site everyone should subscribe to. Tell your friends, neighbors, doctors––shout it from the rooftops! Hairy women are the same as shaven women! At the end of the day, bush or no bush, Naughty Naturals has some of the best scenes in porn. And that’s that on that!

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