Neighbor Affair puts the naughty in Naughty America

Naughty America is putting a new naughty spin on the all-American girl next door. Enough of the little miss perfect, with dreams of being the model stay-at-home mom to her quarterback high-school first love. The girls and guys featured in this networks new series, Neighbor Affair, are looking for one thing and one thing only: to be naughty! If you’ve ever fantasized about getting hot and heavy with your friendly neighbor, or are looking for some roleplay inspiration, Neighbor Affair has got you covered!

What is Neighbor Affair?

As mentioned before, Neighbor Affair is brought to you by the Naughty America network. The series aims to deliver top-quality content. For its members interested in seeing a neighborhood affair play out on screen, honestly, it delivers. Featuring top performers in 4K HD and VR, Neighbor Affair has nailed what it set out to do: bringing you the future of all-American porn. 

Neighbor Affair Cost

Neighbor Affair by Naughty America really wants you to commit to becoming a member. The three-day limited access trial for $1.95 ensures you get a taste so good you won’t be able to walk away. Once the inevitable happens though, I wouldn’t feel too bad! The monthly VIP pass for $29.95 and the yearly pass with bonus sites for $19.95 is nothing but reasonable for the content on offer here.

Neighbor Affair Membership Pros

1) Access to 371 videos from Neighbor Affair, over 1000 videos from Naughty America, and five bonus sites

There’s a lot of content to digest once you commit to Neighbor Affair. Subscribers get a lot of extras along with these affairs: 10,479 extras to be exact! There are a whopping 371 videos dedicated solely to seeing neighbors engage in affairs of all kinds. On top of that, there are another couple of thousand dedicated to the rest of the content brought to life by the Naughty America network.

As well, membership offers five bonus sites with the yearly membership option. Tonight’s Girlfriend, Naughty Americans, Amateurs Raw, Randy’s Roadstop, and Real Teens VR are all included in the sweet content deal. While I’ll take the promise for extra content any day, the fact that the network has even gone a step further to let you know exactly which sites you’ll be gaining access to is the cherry on top. 

Neighbor Affair review - Audrey Madison lays on a bed waiting for Lucas Frost

2) VR Videos 

One thing that sets the Naughty America network apart, and ahead, of its competition is the extensive VR offerings. There are nine amazing VR videos from Neighbor Affair to choose from. But for those looking to dabble in some other content, Naughty America has got you covered. Prepare for over 600 exciting VR videos available from the rest of the category offerings. This means you get to enjoy up close and personal content from Wedding Orgy, My Sister’s Hot Friend, The Office, and more – whenever you’d like! 

3) Naughty America’s amazing filtering possibilities 

If you’ve been blown away by all the viewing possibilities so far, get ready for the final knockout. Naughty America has perfected the art of browsing porn. For starters, there’s the option to browse regular and VR porn separately. To me, this says two things – the site has a substantial amount of VR porn to feature, and the membership base is most likely split into two halves.

Whatever the reason, adding this split from the beginning really helps to pinpoint your perfect scene. In the standard porn section on Naughty America, the site has laid out its top 4K and HD content and featured videos.

The VR side is a little less accessible. It only allows for search via keyword or porn star, which doesn’t necessarily work well for site newbies. As you get into the fine-tuning, you’ll realize that the best way to browse is via the categories tab which allows for ultra-accurate video retrieval. Choose from the 444 categories available, and mix and match the porn stars and locations for the full experience. 

To top it all off, this type of browsing is still an option once you enter into the ultra-specific Neighbor Affair category! Search for your favorite porn star in any scene to see your Neighbor Affair fantasy jump to life on screen. 

Neighbor Affair review - Nicole Sage standing in front of Quinton James in his office

Neighbor Affair Membership Cons

1) Lack of Diversity 

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Naughty America’s lack of performer diversity isn’t the greatest asset. The cast should display the same diversity as the country the site is named after. That means showcasing all races, sizes, ages, and sexual-orientations! If the site could be as progressive in casting as it is in filming technology, it would be even more of a massive hit. 

Is Neighbor Affair worth it? 

A membership to Neighbor Affair is really a membership to Naughty America, and it’s 100% worth it. The price is right, and the perks are busting out at the seems. The content produced in the Neighbor Affair category, as well as the Naughty America site, are all top tier in terms of quality and thematic elements. If it were me, I would take advantage of the site’s generous three-day trial, and get my arm ready to salute to the new Naughty America!