Next Door Studios offers fantasy-focused gay porn for a budget-friendly price

For 15 years, Next Door Studios has been a go-to resource for the best in gay porn. Like the rest of the industry, it evolved over the years, launching themed sub-sites and expanding its demographics. From its humble roots shooting solo masturbation scenes to its current form featuring themed scenes and even bisexual content, Next Door Studios has certainly changed with the times.

But have the changes made it a better site? Here’s everything you need to know about Next Door Studios, from how much it costs to what it does well and where it can grow.

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Next Door Studios cost 

When you want to watch balling on a budget, Next Door Studios is a godsend of affordable gay content. Sure, there’s the standard free trial, but the real gem of the pricing structure is the $9.95 streaming-only option. While you can’t download videos for offline viewing or archiving, it is still one of the best deals in porn.

Want to build a collection of clips? A membership with streaming and downloads is just $19.95 per month. You can save even more money by buying a full year upfront for $95.40. Next Door Studios makes it possible for anyone to find a price point that lets them explore.

What’s included with my Next Door Studios membership?

1) Over 4,435 scenes 

Right off the bat, Next Door Studios stuns with its absurdly deep library of content. Drawing from 15 years of videos, Next Door Studios subscribers can be sure there’s always something new to watch, even if it’s from a decade ago. Don’t worry about a lack of new content.

2) Updates multiple times a week 

Given the thousands of videos you already have to choose from, Next Door Studios could comfortably rest on its laurels and only put out two scenes a week. Instead, it keeps up an incredible pace with at least three—but often four or five—new scenes a week. This includes behind-the-scenes content, but the sheer amount of new content to watch each week is incredible.

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3) New content is shot in 4K

Like any porn site that’s been running for 15 years, the quality of content you’ll find on Next Door Studios varies in quality. The good news is as video technology has improved, the site has improved with it. New scenes are uploaded in 4K, and there are over 2,000 scenes in high definition. If you want to make sure you only see HD content, there’s an option for that in the categories section.

4) Variety of scenes 

Over the years, Next Door Studios has grown into a full-featured gay porn site offering a mix of plot-based scenes, auditions, and behind-the-scenes interviews. There are even softcore scenes if you’re still exploring your desires and aren’t ready for hardcore. What’s interesting is how it caters to a host of different desires and fantasies. You’ll find straightforward hardcore scenes; gay-for-pay scenes featuring straight male performers like Cody Cummings with gay porn actors; bisexual scenes; condoms; bareback; and more. The variety makes each visit to Next Door Studios an exciting opportunity to find a new favorite. If it feels daunting, you’ll be thankful for the categories section.

5) Great navigation and categories

With so much content, Next Door Studios would be overwhelming without great navigation—and you have nothing to worry about. Moving through the site is a joy, with easy-to-understand menus and a massive list of categories for each scene. The best feature, however, is the ability to group categories to meet your desires. Want a threesome with beefy dudes and a twink? Just click each category from a menu to have every scene with those parameters tagged. We wish this feature was on every porn site.

6) 17 included sub-sites

One of the ways Next Door Studios keeps itself organized is by separating its scenes into different categories. You’ll find everything from bareback-focused scenes (Next Door Raw) to interracial content (Next Door Ebony) with a few porn-actor-focused sub-sites rounding out the package.

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7) Hot, racially diverse performers

Thanks to the extensive categories system, it’s simple to find performers who look like you. Unlike some other gay porn sites, Next Door Studios has a range of races represented. The vast majority of performers are still white men, but there are hundreds of African American and Latino performers as well. However, the site is severely limited when it comes to Asian and Indian talent.

8) Some bisexual and heterosexual content

For most of Next Door Studios’ target demographic, this will be a minor benefit. However, as a bisexual man, the site’s inclusion of bi content was a welcome change of pace. Heterosexual sites are full of male-male-female threesomes, but you never see the guys touch. Viewers who are still exploring their sexuality and know they like a middle ground will appreciate being able to see these kinds of scenes, especially since they represent one of the few taboos left in porn: gay and straight performers in the same scene. There are also a handful of straight scenes from the gay-for-pay sub-sites.

Next Door Studios membership cons

1) Lack of diversity in body types

Next Door Studios has you covered if you want twinks, buff dudes, hairy guys, alpha males, and any other standard fantasy. But guys, if you’re going to have a section marked “beefy,” that shouldn’t just mean bigger muscles than normal. Even straight porn sites have this problem, focusing just on bodily ideals instead of variety. But it was still a little disappointing to learn there’s only one kind of big guy on the site.

2) When you sign up, you have to opt out of a second site

This is a common scam porn sites run but it always sucks to run into. On the right side of the screen, when you’re signing up for a membership, you’ll see a little box that’s already checked. If you don’t unclick the box before signing up, it charges you an extra $4.95 for a three-day trial of Gay All Access. After three days, you’ll then be charged $34.95 per month for a recurring membership to Gay All Access. Look, we’re already here to pay for porn. Don’t try and trick your audience into signing up for a second site.

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3) Some sites no longer updating

Although Next Door Studios has 17 sites, that doesn’t mean all of them still update regularly. Next Door Ebony, for example, hasn’t updated since 2018. Browse the site and make sure your favorite content is still getting regular updates.

Is Next Door Studios worth it?

Even when taking into account its modest faults, Next Door Studios is an absurdly great deal. Users living on a budget don’t have to resign to just using streaming sites when they can stream Next Door Studios content for just $9.99 per month. However, if you can afford to splurge on the full membership, you’ll still be getting a great deal: $19.99 per month is an incredibly low price for downloads and streaming, especially when you’re looking at high-quality hot scenes like Next Door Studios offers. 

We really appreciated the thought put into representing a wide range of fantasies and diverse casting, even if there are still steps to take for better representation. At the same time, we celebrate the site’s willingness to have scenes with bisexual men. They’re underrepresented in porn, and it was great to see. Next Door Studios scenes are hot, fantasy-focused and shot in stunning 4K all for an affordable price. In a market overflowing with options, Next Door Studios is an easy site to recommend.