Porn star Nikki Benz says she was sexually assaulted by director during filming

Porn star Nikki Benz sent shockwaves throughout the adult film industry this week after alleging that her director, Tony T, sexually assaulted her while filming an adult scene for the porn website Brazzers

TMZ reports that Tony T has since been fired, and Brazzers said it has officially cut ties with the producer.

Benz decided to drop the explosive news via a long series of furious tweets, aimed at exposing the director for his actions. She states that he “choked” and “stamped her” without consent. She also says she had yelled “Cut!” but the situation escalated into a non-consensual scene.

Both Benz and Brazzers did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Brazzers pinned a tweet stating its support for the star. It has released a more in-depth statement on its website, assuring that it has “refused to purchase the scene in question as it stands in direct contrast with our mandate to ensure that performers’ consent, boundaries and limits are respected.” 

Several actresses have stood in solidarity with Benz, affirming that Tony T has a reputation of such behavior and that Brazzers may have in fact turned a blind eye. Along with porn star Shawna Lenee’s tweet, others like Devon, Dana DeArmond, and Gen Padova took Twitter to confirm similar experiences. Friend and former porn actress Jenna Jameson also criticized the producer in a TMZ interview.

But Benz isn’t letting it slide. 

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