Excited New York City tourist gets perfect NSFW welcome from local

The Facebook community IM SO NYC curates New York-centric videos featuring street performers, buskers, and rats interacting with subway riders. But nothing captures the spirit of Gotham quite like this seven-second gem, which is a masterwork of New York City sociology.

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In the clip, a woman in a hat records a selfie video while strolling through the streets of New York. “Guys, I’ve finally made it to New York City!,” she belts over the urban din.

One New Yorker off-camera, however, clearly doesn’t find her enthusiasm that charming. “Hey lady! Shut the fuck up!,” he screams. The dazed and confused look on her face is priceless. Welcome to the Big Apple, lady. 

There are two possible reactions to this video: “Why is this man being so rude to this woman?” and “Heh, I take pleasure in her discomfort.” If your response falls into the latter category, congratulations: You’ve been living in New York way too long. 

H/T IM SO NYC | Photo via Stefano Ravalli/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)