P.S. Condoms brings the best condoms on earth to your mailbox

In a just world of adult sexual health, mail-order condoms would arrive at the doorstep of every adult-aged American monthly. For free, with a “thank you” note for wrapping it up. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world.  But thanks to P.S. Condoms, mail-order condoms have become a reality. 

P.S. Condoms is more than just a business built around convenience. They’re genuinely trying to bring a better condom to the market. One that’s stronger and thinner than the competition while also eliminating that awful latex smell. 

The end result is easily the best condom we’ve ever worn. I’m not just saying that as a reviewer. After spending a month using P.S. Condoms, I’m actually signing up to become a customer. How did they win me over? By being a better condom, delivered in a better way. 

How does the P.S. Condoms monthly plan work?

P.S. Condoms is a mail-order condom service that delivers prophylactics directly to your door. Each package contains twelve condoms in either Regular or XL size. Which is right for you? Worry not, we’ll cover that a little later in the article. 

Deliveries can be set to come every 30, 60, or 90 days depending on your needs. 

Buying a one-time box of P.S. Condoms costs $19 for the Regular size and $20 for the XL size. Signing up for a subscription gives you a 15% discount. That brings the cost of a pack of regular condoms $16.15 for regular or $17 for XL. You can get an extra 10% off with coupon code MYFIRSTTIME.

Shipping is included with the cost of your order and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

P.S. Condoms box of mail order condoms

Why should I use P.S. Condoms instead of the old condom in my wallet?  

First off, throw away that old condom in your wallet. Keeping your condom there causes it to break down, putting you and your partner at risk. Now that you’re looking for a new condom brand, let’s break down what makes P.S. Condoms our new go-to when we’re getting down.    

They don’t smell bad or leave you smelling bad

In a society that often has to fight to get people to use protection, it’s understandable why we don’t discuss the negatives of condoms. That being said, holy crap y’all, can we admit that almost every major brand of condom stinks. Literally. 

Due to the chemicals used in the production of condoms, they often smell like the farts of a dodgeball. That smell lingers on everything the condom touches, from your hands to everyone’s genitals. Not so with P.S. Condoms. 

P.S. Condoms use an all-natural production process that leaves their condoms smelling like nothing. Or, as we like to think of it, how a condom should smell. 

40% thinner than every major brand on the market

P.S. Condoms have a thickness of 0.045mm. That’s 40% thinner than standard condoms and 15% thinner than leading Ultra Thin condoms on the market. Having tested these condoms along with several rival brands, we can confirm, you’ll feel the difference. 

You’ll also see the difference. P.S. Condoms are so thin they’re clear. Not murky, “you-can-kind-of-see-through-them” clear. Just genuinely the most transparent condom you’ve ever used. How did they do it? Well, they use fewer chemicals. That brings us to point three. 

Lubricated but Gluten, Glycerin, and Paraben free—plus Vegan to boot

Part of why P.S. Condoms are so clear and free of smell is the company’s production process. The big condom companies use animal protein casein, leaving vegans to choose between a baby and their ethics. 

P.S. Condoms are made using all-natural rubber latex and lubricated with medical-grade silicone. They also don’t contain parabens, glycerin, bisphenol-A (BPA), gluten, or nitrosamines. What’s all that science mean? It means you’re getting a more natural, vegan-friendly condom experience that exceeds FDA requirements. 

Exceeds FDA requirements for durability and strength

That’s right. P.S. Condoms undergo rigorous testing and, despite their thinness, actually surprise the FDA standards for safety. Every condom is electronically tested to ensure that you get a reliable and safe experience each time. 

Not once during our testing did we accidentally rip a condom while opening the package. Even while ripping it open with our teeth in the heat of passion, these little wonders held up.  

Quiet packaging

One of the unsung benefits of P.S. Condoms is how quiet the packaging is. Normal condoms make a sound in your pocket. It’s a crinkly sound that says, “I have a condom in my pocket.” We really loved the quiet, matte feel of P.S. Condoms packaging. Is it a little detail? Yes. But when someone makes the effort you should give them credit.

Mail order condoms delivered discreetly to your house monthlyor whenever you need them

Have nosy neighbors? Still live at home? P.S. Condoms understands that everyone has different privacy needs. That’s why each month your subscription arrives in a discreet shipping package.

But beyond not advertising to your neighbors, postal workers, or conservative parents that you’ve got condoms, P.S. Condom’s standard packaging is also subtle. They don’t have to sell on the shelf, so their boxes are as nondescript as they come. 

It’s just a simple box with a secure clasp and a logo. No words of note, nothing to draw attention. You can leave a box of P.S. Condoms on your nightstand without the box screaming “LOOK I PUT THE CONDOMS OUT.” 

Those are big promises, but do P.S. Condoms live up to them? 

Yes, yes, yes, oh god, yes. After years of medical birth control, my wife and I switched back to condoms this year, so this review came at just the right moment. Let me tell you, after taking a decade off wearing them, there was a period of adjustment. 

When using major brands earlier this year I discovered a few things. First, the smell of most standard condoms takes me out of the mood. They’re gross and rubbery. Secondly, even the thinnest condoms feel like you’re wearing a condom. Third, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain an erection while wearing one. 

Going into this test as a skeptic, I was constantly surprised by every aspect of this brand. If like me, you’re sensitive to chemical smells, you’ll be in heaven. There is no noticeable odor when opening the package, or that gets left on your hands after rolling it on.

Once the P.S. Condom was actually on, we were stunned to discover just how thin they feel. Every thin condom brand brags about how much sensation they provide. None of them come close to P.S. Condoms when it comes to sensation. 

Not content to simply trust our memory, we headed to the store. We tried Durex Extra Sensitive, LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive, Trojan Bareskin, and even Durex Invisible. The Durex Invisible was the only brand that came close, but it still smells. 

It was easy to forget we were using a condom at the moment, which frankly is the best review a condom can get. Most importantly, after testing both the regular and XL condoms, I discovered it isn’t condoms themselves causing the erectile dysfunction issues. It was wearing the wrong size.  

Picking the right size condom, a problem noone with a penis is trained for

P.S. Condoms thin size box with sizing

For this story, P.S. Condoms supplied a pack of standard and XL-sized condoms. This is perhaps revealing too much about myself, but I think it’s worth addressing what I think is a common thought. And that thought is, “how do I know if I should buy an XL condom?” 

Modern culture has broken people’s brains about the size of their boners. We have no common language, let alone honest discussion about what’s going on with people’s bits. In school, they should say “hey, the average penis is 5.16 inches erect.” But they don’t. Yet when you go to buy condoms you’re faced suddenly with a question you have no context for. 

Normal or extra large. Look inside your heart. Ask yourself “am I big enough to test the limits of latex?” Keep in mind, there’s an old woman behind you in line who most likely knows your mother.  

Before this test, I have never tried on an XL condom. To be honest, I, like most people with a penis, just assumed the difference was too big. 

What I learned upon researching is that the difference between standard and XL condoms isn’t actually that great. Sit down real quick, let’s do some learning.

What does XL actually mean for condom size? 

P.S. Condoms extra large sizing

The most popular brand of condoms in America is Trojan, so we’ll use them as a baseline. The standard Trojan condom is 6.7 – 7.5”s long and 2.09” around the base. Naturally, you might assume their XL brand Magnum would be wildly bigger. You’d be wrong. 

Magnums are 7.2 – 7.9” long, with a 2.7” base. That means the base thickness of an XL condom is just 0.61” bigger than the standard condom. Even their biggest Magnum, the XL, is only .08 inches larger around the base than the standard Magnum. 

The difference between a standard Trojan and the Magnum lengthwise? Just .5”. 

For comparison, P.S. Condoms have a similar fit but are slightly different. The XL condoms have a 2.24″ base and a 7.08″ length. Meanwhile, the standard size has a 2.08” base with a 7.08” length. 

Okay, why does the size of your condom matter?

Why does that matter? Well, first off it should give you a moment of relief. Standard condoms fit up to 7.5”, well above the national or international average. There’s no shame in using them. 

It also matters because length is beaten into your head as the only thing that matters when it comes to owning a penis. There’s a good chance some people reading this have an average length but are unaware they’re slightly above average when it comes to the circumference. 

Have you ever had a condom fit, but felt like it was too tight around the base? Because our culture teaches us to think only about length, you might be ignoring the fact that you need a bigger size. 

Wearing a condom that’s too tight can cut off the blood supply to your penis, leading to erectile dysfunction. Sure, there are people that say “I can’t stay hard with a condom on” who just don’t want to wear one. But there’s a chance that some of you can’t stay hard with a condom on because you’re wearing the wrong one. 

As someone of average length, I’ve never found a reason to explore buying an XL condom. But as someone who has struggled with erectile dysfunction while wearing condoms in the past, trying a slightly larger size was a revelation. I experienced more sensation all around and didn’t have any issues staying hard. 

Yes, these are great condoms. But the biggest revelation was learning more about my body and realizing where sex ed let me down. 

How to size yourself for a condom

Okay, let’s fix what school never did. For measuring the length of your penis get a ruler and then get hard. Place the ruler on your pubic bone and press in as far as is comfortable. There’s a chance body fat is hiding your true length. Measure from base to the end of the tip, and you’ve got your length. 

Measuring the base is a little more difficult. The best method is to get hard and then wrap a piece of string around the thickest part of your shaft. Mark where the string meets, and then use a ruler to measure the string. Now you know your general girth. 

Are P.S. Condoms actually worth my money?

P.S. Condoms have a weakness, it’s the cost. While the average price per condom comes out to about $1.40, that’s still more than the competition. You can get a 36 count box of Trojans for just $15.99 on Amazon.

If money isn’t an issue, it’s truly worth considering the advantages of P.S. Condoms. You will be able to feel every extra penny spent when you’re getting down. 

The smell-free vegan design speaks to us on a personal level. We’d never really noticed how much the smell of condoms bothered us until we were free from it. Likewise, it’s nice to be able to leave a box of condoms out without loud packaging. 

But the real joy to be found here is in how good these condoms feel when you’re using them. Everyone brags about how thin their condoms are, but P.S. Condoms lead the pack in comfort, design, and sensation. 

While the price is higher than other brands if you subscribe you can save a little extra money. Whether you forget to buy condoms while the store is open, or you’re still socially distancing, the ease of P.S. Condoms delivery service is a blessing. 

There are some things that are worth paying a little more for, like Silver Tequila or a used car. You can easily add the delectably thin prophylactics of P.S. Condoms to that list. The sensation that you’re not wearing a condom is worth splurging on. Especially when you can have high-quality mail-order condoms delivered to your door.

Still on the fence? Start with the P.S. Condoms Free Trial and get a FREE sample 3-pack!