Meet the giant, confetti-squirting Norwegian penis that wants you to wear a condom

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re hanging out on a beach blanket, enjoying the feeling of the warm summer sun caressing your calves, when a 9-foot penis ejaculates confetti all over you. A 19-year-old student named Philip van Eck is one such penis.

The video was created by RFSU, a sexual advocacy and education organization in Norway. Van Eck took to the streets of Sandefjord, Norway, to make a point about safe sex being important, or something. We’re not entirely sure. 

The tagline, “Tiss kan overraske,” roughly translates to “penis can surprise you.” And boy, did it surprise people!

Aside from experiencing some light sexual harassment, Van Eck said that filming was fun for the most part. “Lots of people wanted to touch the penis and take pictures with the penis,” he told a local Norwegian site

The best part is that van Eck was selected for the role because of his size. No, not that size. The penis costume requires a tall person to make it work, and at six feet four inches tall, van Eck was the perfect candidate for the job.

H/T Mirror | Screengrab via RFSU/YouTube