Pervcity delivers exclusive hardcore porn like no other site

While we may be facing another lockdown of sorts, the streets at Pervcity are back open and better than ever. Enter into your new favorite destination for hardcore HD porn, kick back, and relax! Whether you’re on the hunt for ultra 4K HD videos or looking to try out a little bit of specialty content from different studios, Pervcity has got it all. 

Jackie Hoff stands in long pink socks and heels in an advertisement for Perv City

What is Pervcity?

Pervcity is your one-stop shop for all things big and wet. This site doesn’t hold back when it comes to hardcore content and top-notch film quality. Gonzo enthusiasts will drool over the sites anal and DP content, while POV lovers wont’ be able to get enough of the oral and humiliation videos.   

If you’re looking for somewhere new to sink your teeth into, Pervcity has got options on options and is open for business. 

How much does Pervcity cost?

The monthly membership offered at Pervcity is not on the cheap side. It rings in as one of the more expensive memberships for porn at nearly $30 per month. However, where Pervcity redeems itself is in its quarterly and yearly memberships. 

Quarterly membership knocks about 50% off what you would pay with a monthly membership, while the yearly knocks another 50% off of the quarterly membership. At Pervcity, becoming a longtime member saves your wallet.

Pervcity membership pros

Lilly Hall stands seductively in a rainbow bodysuit and long purple socks

1) Access to 1156 scenes and five bonus sites 

Pervcity is well on its way to becoming a bustling metropolis of well-shot and beautifully created porn. Its intuitive category search engine lets you browse the extensive collection of porn easily, and even lets you toggle through the bonus sites on offer. If you’re looking for something a little more specialized, bonus sites like Anal Overdose, ChocolateBJs, Oral Overdose, and more are right there at your fingertips. 

2) Thorough descriptions of each video 

One of my favorite features of the Pervcity site is its well-placed details. Scrolling through the home page, you’ll see all types of videos still littered about. Like most sites, you’ll be able to see the video’s title and the performers who are starring in it. 

Unlike many other sites, you’ll also be able to view a short description of said video, the date it aired, and its run time, all without ever clicking into it. What may seem like such a minor addition will end up saving you so much time when looking for the perfect video to settle on for the night. 

3) A fun and detailed blog lets you get the inside scoop on your favorite performers 

We love a porn site that gives its members more than just filmed content. Pervcity’s blog, dedicated to highlighting its new and upcoming faces, new content, and featured performers, is every porn lover’s dream. Want to go behind the scenes of Keira Croft’s latest double penetration videos, or read up on Rory Knox’s first BBC casting? It’s all there for the taking and oh-so enjoyable.

MONA AZAR crouches seductively by a pool in a leopard-print bodysuit and black high heels in an advertisement for Pervcity

4) Great social media presence 

What Pervcity excels at is giving its members a completely immersive experience on and off the site. From its ultra HD 4k videos to its blog, right up to its constantly updating social media presence that lets you check in anytime and anywhere; Pervcity has nailed it. If you’re a true fan of the content available on Pervcity and want to keep tabs on all things new, Instagram and Twitter have now become your best friends! 

Pervcity membership cons

1) Stock image usage

A porn site is a visual place. No member wants to be scrolling through potential categories only to see the Pervcity logo instead of a spanking scene. I highly recommend that Pervcity goes into the backend to update all missing images. 

Not only does it look unprofessional, but it completely takes the viewer out of the moment, especially when it happens so frequently. 

Is Pervcity worth it?

Pervcity goes above and beyond when it comes to giving its members a worthwhile membership. Yes, its pricing is a little on the high side, but once you realize what’s included, you might feel more at ease. Five extra bonus sites, countless images, and top-tier performers are just some of the key components to the overall deal you get when signing with this site. If you want to see quality videos, behind-the-scenes content, and specialized studios, Pervcity is most definitely the site for you.