Feminist porn site fans will swoon for Pink and White Productions

When something has been done over and over again, and it hasn’t been done right, a beautiful thing happens: pathfinders are born. A pathfinder is someone who forges ahead with a new path and redefines the landscape around it in the process. This is exactly what Shine Louise Houston did with feminist porn site Pink and White Productions. 

Gonzo porn’s popularity in the early ’90s dismissed a whole demographic of viewers. This style advanced the male-centric narrative as scripts were cut and close ups of genitalia took their place. Since this style was highly associated with hardcore porn, male directors and performers dominated the space. It left little room for anything other than a narrative of dominance and degradation for the other demographics present. Up until the ’00s, the behind the scenes porn industry continued to be highly male dominated. 

With so many demographics pushed to the side and silenced, the pathfinders began to take a stand in the industry. Female directors like Erika Lust took the reins. Along with the feminist movement, it created a space for women in the porn industry. It was a great step in the right direction. Even so, more feminist porn site representation was sorely needed. Pink and White Productions showed up for the queer community in 2013. Ever since, its given them one of the best platforms to express their sexuality. 

What is Pink and White Productions?

Pink and White Productions is the overarching feminist porn site studio that founded the streaming platform pinklabel.tv. This studio is the very same one that brought forth the wildly loved, and award winning, CrashPadSeries. Queer icon Shine Louise Houston created Pink and White Productions in 2005. Pink and White Productions creates websites, feature films, and shorts that celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and ethical practices. In a word, fabulous. 

Cost of Pink and White Productions

Since Pink and White Productions is not an actual studio, you’ll have to join one of its websites to view its content. However, a membership on any one of its feminist porn sites (Pinklabel.tv, crashpadseries.com, or pink and white films) will open access to content across all sites.

Membership Pros 

Unlimited and original HD porn videos 

As mentioned above, Pink and White Productions is home to over a hundred indie studios, many critically acclaimed. As well as showcasing the best and upcoming in feminist porn sites, a PinkLabelPlus membership will allow you access to all episodes of its very own CrashPadSeries, as well as the original film that set it all in motion. In addition to unlimited access to all the films in the PinkLabel collection, members also unlock live screenings and Q&A events for all plus members!

Ethically produced and inclusive content

Our favorite thing about this site, other than the amazing content, is the way its produced. Logging onto a Pink and White Productions website means you’ll see content featuring conseting performers of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations. Does it get better than that for feminist porn site fans?

Diverse cast of directors and filmmakers 

Directors and filmmakers are arguably just as important to the content as the performers are. No one really wants to watch a lesbian scene filmed through the gaze of a cismale who is completely out of touch with the lesbian community and what they actually do in bed. It’s no wonder its feminist porn sites, with directors like Erika Lust, Petra Joy, and its very own Shine Houston, keep breaking boundaries and winning awards. 

Competent mobile site 

There’s nothing worse than logging onto your favorite feminist porn site on your mobile device, only to find that it’s nearly impossible to navigate. Thankfully, the Pink and White Production sites do not have that problem. The site navigation on mobile is almost smoother than it is on desktop or laptop, with no design compromises. You still get that pink on pink color scheme, and upgrade to awesome side scrolling, instead of clicking, though the best sellers, recently added, and other homepage categories. Morning commutes just got a lot more sexy. 

Membership Cons 

Site design

Now, we know that feminist porn site design isn’t a make or break deal since you’re not subscribing for the layout, but it does contribute to the overall experience. While the CrashPad site navigation is pretty up to par, PinkLabel.tv’s is slightly lacking. The design on PinkLabels’ site isn’t terrible, it could just be better. Perhaps scraping the color scheme for something a little more adult or even updating the drop down menu for a more modern feel could really push it over the top. If PinkLabel did a site layout upgrade to include an advanced search bar, it would be a good addition.

Video play 

Each video on PinkLabel.tv’s site has a semi large white border on each video. I find this distracting when I use the full screen option. It’s just one more thing that slightly takes you out of the moment and feeds into the overall experience. 

Is it worth it?

A membership to any Pink and White Production website is so, so worth it. Whether it’s the basic account that awards you the ability to pay per film on PinkLabel.tv, the plus membership that unlocks unlimited access to the sites curated videos, or the award winning content from CrashPadSeries, it all comes down to amazingly made feminist porn sites showcasing queer porn in a beautiful way. Trust me when I say that Pink and White Production is one in a million.