Indie porn site PinkLabel.TV is worthy of your attention

In 2020, it’s not hard to find inclusive or ethical porn thanks to the ever-growing population of studios like PinkLabel.TV

If you’ve never heard of PinkLabel before, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a damn awesome adult entertainment site that sets high standards for the content it produces. PinkLabel, like other independent or fair trade studios, provides deference to performers’ preferences and bodily autonomy. In other words, for porn to be ethically-produced it must be recorded and distributed legally, cast members and set directors must respect the boundaries and rights of performers, and the content should celebrate diversity–not fetishize it. It’s pretty hard to not be completely shocked once you understand that ethical porn is not the norm–free porn is, and that couldn’t be further from fair trade considering that most free porn is stolen and redistributed without permission. As upsetting as this realization might be, I would be remiss if I didn’t reiterate that we, as a society of consumers, are the biggest contributor to this problem. The fact that watching porn is still a highly stigmatized act seriously affects the industry. I mean, if someone feels ashamed watching porn, then what makes you think they’ll pay for it? 

PinkLabel.TV is working to actively destigmatize porn (and paying for it) by not only providing members with high-quality, ethical porn but educational videos, online premiers, and a well-developed blog that discusses everything from behind-the-scenes bloopers to detailed descriptions of how to perform sex acts and so much more.

What is PinkLabel.TV

PinkLabel.TV is an adult entertainment site headed by queer porn legend Shine Louise Houston. The site hosts original content in addition to award-winning projects from other indie porn studios. Houston has created a diverse and inclusive collective for ethically-produced porn by specifically catering to the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, and disabled folks. She was inspired to carve out such space for marginalized communities after working in the sex toy industry and witnessing first-hand the blatant lack of representation in the adult entertainment industry.

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Featuring highly acclaimed films from the likes of xConfessions, Petra Joy, Bright Desire, Cuddle Factory, Maria Beatty Films, Houston’s own CrashPadSeries, and so much more, PinkLabel.TV is a whole lot of real porn showcasing the parts of intimacy that mega-sites neglect. It also shines brightly as a beacon of hope for emerging and independent adult filmmakers by “offering resources that help their films find a global audience, enable studios access to sexual health resources and ethical production practices, and further their filmmaking craft and career.” 

PinkLabel.TV cost

PinkLabel.TV users can join the site for free and choose to shop for porn the old-fashioned way (pay-per-view or per title). Or they can choose the more cost-effective route and sign up for the site’s subscription-based program, PinkLabel.TV+. It’ll give you unlimited access to all the content on site with on simple and convenient monthly payment.

PinkLabel.TV membership perks

Unlimited access to a massive library of HD porn videos

As previously touched on, PinkLabel’s collection of adult videos is home to over a hundred indie porn studios, many of whom are critically acclaimed, as well as Houston’s own original projects like The CrashPad Series. It covers every category of porn from BDSM to softcore, explicit educational demonstrations and so much more. In addition to unlimited access to all the films in the collection, members also unlock live screenings, blog posts, and Q&A events for all subscribing members!

The site only hosts inclusive, ethical porn

My favorite thing about this site (outside of its amazing content) is the transparency surrounding how the content is produced. No matter what film or short you choose to check out, the studio it came from has been assessed by the PinkLabel team to ensure it’s fair-trade and ethical. This allows you to support performers of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations without questioning what may or may not have gone on behind-the-scenes. It doesn’t get better than that, folks!

Enjoy a diverse cast of performers, directors, and filmmakers

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Directors and filmmakers are just as responsible as the cast for crafting superior content. No one wants to watch (let alone pay for) a story about two queers through the gaze of someone who’s painfully straight or out-of-touch with the community. PinkLabel is committed to showing content produced by its actual target demographic, with directors like Erika Lust, Petra Joy, and its very own, Shine Houston, breaking boundaries, winning awards, and standardizing inclusivity.

Take it on-the-go with its competent mobile site 

There’s nothing worse than heading over to your go-to porn site only to find out it’s not mobile-compatible or nearly impossible to navigate. Thankfully, PinkLabel won’t cause any of those issues, in fact, the site’s navigation on mobile is almost smoother than it is on desktop or laptop and there are no design compromises. You still get that pink-on-pink color scheme, just with upgraded (and awesome) side-scrolling capabilities. Less clicking, more masturbating!

PinkLabel.TV membership cons

Overall site design

Site design isn’t a make or break deal since you’re not subscribing to the service for its layout, but it does contribute to the overall experience. That being said, the design on the PinkLabel site isn’t terrible, but it could be better. It seems as though all the tools you need to search the site and access the blog and other extras are hidden behind its sidebar which at first glance you may not even notice. So even though the site does offer advanced search features, filters, and things other than adult entertainment having to search for them is a bit off-putting.

Is PinkLabel.TV worth it?

Absolutely! If I could scream “JOIN PINKLABEL.TV!” from a rooftop, I would. The content available is just too good to pass up, and the site offers multiple ways to pay for it which makes supporting independent artists and studios so much easier. You’ll feel good about watching porn here.

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