Discover erogenous zones you didn’t know existed with this vibrator

We all find sexual pleasure in various ways, but for most of us, erogenous zones are where ultimate gratification lies. But what are erogenous zones, exactly? Well, we’ll explain exactly how to identify and activate them–which is crucial for both autoeroticism and shared intimacy. 

Unfortunately, most high school sex education classes failed our hedonist society. These health “educators” neglected to point out the buried treasure or how to stimulate it effectively (as if ignoring the subject made it any less seminal!). This has left many adults longing to discover what a genuine and explosive climax feels like. Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that with the right direction (and device), you can be your own special person. 

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is a vibrator designed for all bodies and it’s fully capable of exploring not one, not two, but all of your erogenous zones. All you have to do in order to get to Pleasuretown, USA is know where and how to use it. Which, after reading this guide, should be no issue at all.

What are the erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are the most sensitive points of your body. Your hotspots, if you will. 

Some erogenous zones are related to the genitals while some are extragenital, meaning that non-sexual organs can be stimulated in a way that becomes sexually gratifying. You may find some spots are super sensitive while others remain more neutral.

How to discover your most active erogenous zones with a vibrator

Like most of life’s pleasures, you won’t know what you like (or don’t like) until you try it. So how do you discover your nuanced pleasure? It’s called “pleasure mapping” or taking the time to explore what feels good.  

Discovering and exploring the most sensitive parts of the body is so much easier with a sex toy. More specifically, the MysteryVibe Crescendo as it’s completely adaptable. The vibrator was designed to be universal, making it an excellent tool for discovery. If you’re having trouble pinning down your erogenous zones or understanding how Crescendo can help, allow me to guide you through some of the most popular pleasure points. 

Crescendo + the breasts

MysteryVibe Crescendo used to stimulate nipples and breasts.

By straightening out the device or gently curving its spine, Crescendo can casually caress the breasts and nipples. Although the vibrator’s pattern settings are completely your choice, I suggest starting off with the slowest and most basic setting. Once it’s warmed up, gradually introduce the toy to your breast. Start along the outer edge and bit-by-bit move closer toward your nipple. Tease the nipple by either edging the toy or fooling around with its speed settings. Do this for as long as you’d like. 

Crescendo + the perineum 

MysteryVibe Crescendo showcasing its ability to trigger the erogenous zone located in the area of the perineum.

The area between your anus and scrotum or anus and vulva is called the perineum. This often-overlooked valley is home to bundles upon bundles of nerve endings–including the major perineal nerve. When stimulated, this area blooms into a universal hotspot. 

By slightly curving Crescendo and either laying down or leaning against something sturdy, users can trigger and tease the nerves that lead out to either the scrotum or labia. Then by adjusting Crescendo’s pattern or speed, explorers will determine what type of touch is right for them. Without a sex toy, exploring the perineum can often be a confusing process. Crescendo excels where hand cramps, sensitivity changes, and posture creativity previously stood in the way. 

Crescendo + the G-spot

MysteryVibe Crescendo demonstrating G-spot pleasure mapping.

Vulva owners know that G-spot vibrators aren’t exactly a new invention, but Crescendo’s ability to adapt to your body is what makes all the difference. Other vibrators are bulky, inflexible, and (when used improperly) can actually cause microtears in and around the vagina. So instead of trying to get off with something too oblong or wide for your anatomy, dive in with Crescendo. 

Once you’re turned on and lubed up, take advantage of the toy’s bendability and slowly insert it at the right vantage point for you. This may take a few tries, but once you’ve got the toy shaped to match you it’s go time. Slowly insert and retract the device at the rhythm you enjoy. Play around with its settings and you should locate and stimulate the area known as your G-spot. The type of pleasure this sac of nerve bundles prefers is subjective. So as you’re using the device remain mindful of the direction in which you’re gravitating if you prefer shallow stimulation, as well as the momentum of your pace. 

Crescendo + the anus or P-spot

Crescendo pleasure mapping the number one male erogenous zone, the prostate.

Recently, the P-spot (or prostate) has garnered a ton of attention from cishet males, and it’s about damn time. When people claim that they enjoy anal it’s not to shock you, it’s because anal sex feels good! And depending on what parts of the puzzle you’re born with, why it’s so pleasurable varies. 

For those of you with penises, you also have a prostate which happens to be located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. This walnut-sized gland is responsible for performing reproductive duties like caring for sperm. But it also just so happens to be responsible for inciting orgasms. It’s part of what makes perineum play so drool-worthy! Vulva owners can experience a similar sensation thanks to their G-spot. From an interior perspective, the G-spot is located on the other side of the anus. So when a penis or a toy is inserted, the wall that the G-spot and anus share is what’s directly stimulated.

If you want to try triggering your P-spot or anus, you can do so either internally or externally. The external method lines up with perineum play, so go back to that flashcard if you have no desire to go exploring the internal frontier. For those of you looking to stimulate it from the inside out, Crescendo will be happy to help.

First, it’s imperative that you lube up, go slow, and start with just a finger. Trace your finger around the outside of your anus before slowly making your way in. Once you’re in, continue to insert and remove your finger before eventually adding a second. Continue this process until you feel comfortable adding the Crescendo. It will most likely be the most comfortable to use the toy in its 180º form and with lots of lube. After the device has been inserted, follow the same protocol as you did when you introduced your finger. Slowly move the toy in a back-and-forth motion until you’re ready to speed up or change the pattern. 

It’s important to note that once a toy has either entered the anal cavity that it cannot then be used in the vaginal canal until it has been thoroughly cleaned. Cross contamination can lead to all sorts of infections and discomfort that are otherwise easily avoidable. 

Crescendo + the clit

Crescendo being used to stimulate the number one female erogenous zone, the clit.

And last, but certainly not least, the holy grail of erogenous zones: the clit. My favorite fun fact about this little bean is its sole purpose is producing pleasure. The clitoris literally has no other functions other than to make people feel good and I think that’s beautiful. 

While there have been a lot of jokes made about finding the clit, ignoring it is in no way funny. By not stimulating this sac filled with something like 8,000 nerve endings, vulva-owners tend to sorely miss out. The clitoris is largely responsible for telling the rest of a person’s reproductive system that it’s time to wake up. By stimulating the clit, the pelvic floor will begin to relax and vaginal secretions will amp up. A malfunction or missed call by either function can lead to uncomfortable sex, painful penetration, a “dry” feeling, and no climax. 

But stimulating the clitoris for the entirety of sex isn’t always possible. Even knowing what type of touch you like in this very sensitive hotspot can be difficult for people in the early stages of exploring their sexuality. This is where Crescendo can help.

Either on your own or with a partner, gently start tickling or rubbing your vulva and labia. After a few minutes, you can begin to inch your fingers closer to the bean-shaped sac in between your lips. Once you’ve flicked and caressed your clit using your fingers, swap them out for Crescendo. Repeat the process of tracing the outline of your vulva and labia, gently parting the lips with the device. Then you can start teasing your clit. Experiment with Crescendo’s speed and patterns. Remain aware of what you think feels good and what you find distracting. Focus on how you can recreate this sensation–either with or without a partner. 

Combining these mindful masturbation techniques with a toy that does all the heavy lifting for you makes finding your areas of pleasure completely stress-free. No rhythmless distractions or scratchy fingernails can stand in the way of your orgasm, only the chance that you’ll come across a neutral zone (which is pertinent information for encouraging future climaxes). I also suggest lubing up the toy as a way to heighten your body’s response. 

Once you’ve mastered mapping your own pleasure, you can make exploring either your or your partner’s body the theme for your next date night–with or without Crescendo. (But preferably with). If you have a partner who would prefer a more hands-on approach, lightly drag your finger across their lower back. Then using the same trial-and-error touch techniques I described above, make your way down their thighs, in between them, and up the back of their knees. Do this to their entire body. Once you’re done, they should be able to communicate their hotspots with you. Then the two of you can take this priceless information to the bank and cash in on some really hot sex. You can also do this using any number of body massage techniques. Add a little body oil or sensual candles to bring the heat up a notch. 

How to discover even more erogenous zones

You may find some spots are super sensitive while others remain more neutral. This topic is still undergoing a lot of scientific studies, so the list we provided above is absolutely not complete. But if I were to make an erogenous zone map or chart (regardless of sex) it would look something like the chart below.

Map of male erogenous zones and female erogenous zone chart.

Research indicates that the most popular hotspots are the lips, nipples, breasts, neck, buttocks, inner thigh, and ears. Other common erogenous zones include the shoulders, hips, and sides. Pleasure can also be found in the wrists, feet, calves, the area behind the knees, forearms, temples, and bellybutton. 

The erogenous zones are a complement to sexual gratification, not the sole source. It’s possible for some to get off on, let’s say, nipple stimulation alone, but it’s only a meager 12% of us. This means most people need to encounter multi-zone stimulation (plus other forms of foreplay, like dirty talk) in order to reach climax. So knowing where your erogenous zones are located couldn’t be more imperative to a healthy, joyful sexual experience. 

Why Crescendo?

MysteryVibe Crescendo in use

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is the world’s first fully-flexible unisex vibrator. Its six motors work alongside a malleable design that allows users to personalize their experience. In fewer words, this vibrator is actually bendable! This, in my opinion, is what makes it so great for greeting your erogenous zones for the first time. Modeled after the anatomy of human fingers, the Crescendo is unlike any sex toy you’ve ever seen before. This little-known fact allows the device to really cradle and caress the most sensitive parts of your body just as nature intended. 

As discussed previously, the flexible skeleton can be bent and molded into whatever shape best fits your nooks, crannies, and crevices. The tapered edge of the device is ideal for G-spot discovery, P-spot pleasure, nipple stimulation, and perineum play. It’s the only adult toy that encourages exploring all your areas of pleasure, not just one. 

Mysteryvibe Crescendo compared to fingers.

This isn’t just an adaptable vibrator, it’s smart too. Pair this Bluetooth sex toy with its free app and your Crescendo will move to your command. Erm, or at least the command of your fingers. Customize your own patterns, have your partner control the device, or download additional presets for when you’re not feeling that creative. This feature will really encourage you to develop your own understanding of your body’s preferences in terms of speed, stamina, and vigor.

Crescendo is also completely waterproof and designed with body-safe silicone. These are two priceless perks that can’t be overlooked! Just keep in mind that if you do choose to lube up, avoid silicone-based lubricants or you risk degrading the device. 

Currently, Crescendo is on sale for $50 off through the MysteryVibe site. Normally $200, the device is listed for $149 for a limited time. Your purchase includes the toy, instructions, a sleek storage case, charger, and a 12-month warranty. 

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