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12 adult toys sex bloggers swear by

The most common question in sex blogging is, “What are the most popular sex toys?” And while this question may be subjective, it’s only to a degree.

That’s not to say that every single toy on this list will be a perfect fit for you – that’s a bit of wishful thinking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s no one-size-fits-all sex toy. Even though the products featured here have all been recommended by “sexperts” (more specifically Sunny Megatron, Girly Juice, and Hey Epiphora), there’s still a bit of trial-and-error and a lot of communication required on your part to find the perfect toy. But is that really something to complain about? Hell no.

Below you’ll find the most popular sex toys worthy of your orgasms. But before we move on to the good stuff, make sure to check out our vibe guide for beginners. This way you don’t waste your time (or money) on toys that only sorta get the job done.

The most popular sex toys recommended by sex bloggers

1) MONA 2 by LELO

popular sex toys

The MONA 2 isn’t just popular among sex bloggers, but sex-havers in general. Its unique S-shape hugs all the right curves, inside and out. It’s also completely waterproof, designed with body-safe materials, and hosts six pleasure settings.


2) The Magic Wand by Hitachi

popular sex toys

Widely regarded as the most powerful vibrator of all time, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a top pick for a few reasons. For one, the size of its vibrational head is much larger than other vibrators which makes hitting all your feel-good spots as easy as flipping the power switch. And as for noise? It’s no more than a whisper.

Price: $69.95

3) Zumio

popular sex toys

Meet the world’s smallest vibrator: the Zumio. And yes, it will actually get you off…just think of what you can do with all that precision!

Price: $109


popular sex toys

This remote control prostate massager is great for solo and partnered play. With two powerful motors in the base and tip, the sleek and smooth design that is perfectly formed for bigger, better and yes, even hands-free orgasms!

Price: $219

5) Tango by We-Vibe

popular sex toys

This tiny USB-rechargeable vibe has been a favorite among sex bloggers since it was initially released. Unlike other bullet vibes, the Tango is 100% waterproof since it’s made from body-safe thermoplastic. And its unique design makes it perfect for nestling in a harness.

Price: $80

6) Njoy Pure Wand

popular sex toys

What makes the Njoy Pure Wand different from other dildos is that it’s weighted – one and a half pounds to be exact. Designed with stainless steel, the Pure Wand is completely body-safe and easy to clean. Not to mention, its parenthesis shape makes for ideal deep G-spot stimulation.

Price: $120

7) Tantus Sport

popular sex toys

This dildo may not be for the sex toy newb, as even veteran reviewers thought it was just blah at first. But after a little time and practice, this toy has earned its spot on the most popular sex toys list. It’s proven to be one of the best small dildos in the industry. Its small round head is ideal for targeted stimulation (like your G-spot or P-spot), while the flared base makes it the perfect accessory for your favorite harness. And since it’s made by Tantus, you already know it’s made with high-quality, body-safe, and easy-to-clean materials!

Price: $33.29

8) Doc Johnson Reflections

popular sex toys

If you’re looking for a toy that takes temperature-play to chilling new levels, you’ll want to check out the Reflections Sultry glass wand by Doc Johnson. It’s the same high-quality, phthalate-free, design you know and love from Doc Johnson, just with the ability to be frozen. Cool? We think so too.

Price: $35.54

9) Dorcel So Dildo

popular sex toys

Designed with body-safe silicone, Dorcel took the So one step further by making it glow in the dark. Additionally, Dorcel crafted it to be extremely flexible and super silky, so no matter which end you’re using, you’ll be pleased.

Price: $38

10) The Tsunami by Tantus

popular sex toys

Made to look like a wave, the Tsunami features a curvy, rounded tip, followed by three larger ridges. And as always, since this is a Tantus product it’s been designed with body-safe silicone, making it bendable yet firm. It’s earned a spot on the most popular sex toys list for being eco-friendly, hygienic, and easy-to-clean.

Price: $53.99

11) The We-Vibe Ditto

popular sex toys

The Ditto is We-Vibe’s first dedicated butt plug (yay!) and aside from its awkward shape, reviewers love it. It features 10 powerful modes and is designed with silicone. That makes it body-safe, easy-to-clean, and fully waterproof. The Ditto is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can control it anywhere with the We-Connect app!

Price: $139.99

12) Pure Plug by Njoy

popular sex toys

The Pure Plug contains medical-grade stainless steel.  It’s simple to clean, won’t tarnish, and is completely body-safe. It’s available in a few different sizes, however, many sex bloggers recommend beginners start with the medium (versus the small) because you’re less likely to outgrow it. And although stainless steel is a little harder to slide into your tush than silicone is, it won’t retain any booty scents – so just make sure you lube it up before use. Or don’t, whatever gets you off.

Price: $69.99