Pornhub explores what happens when you dub bad lip reading over porn in SFW webseries

The geniuses over at Pornhub have done it again.

Not satisfied with merely being the world’s largest online porn site or with employing a top-notch team of data scientists to compile studies on human sexual preferences according to search input, Pornhub also does its best to make us laugh.

In a video exclusively shared with the Daily Dot on Tuesday, the team at Pornhub parodied the kind of terrible overdubbing typically seen in old kung fu films or the wildly popular YouTube series Bad Lip Reading. Why? Just because it’s funny, that’s why.

The first episode in a new video series called Porndub, the video features a variety of awful Southern accents, awkward grunts, and hilarious non sequiturs. 

Best of all, the entire video is safe for work: There’s no nudity or actual sex, although the scenes are drawn from the adult content that draws people to the site.

“We are huge fans of the [comedy] genre and thought that porn would lend itself well to the overdub treatment,” Pornhub spokesperson Chris Jackson said in an email to the Daily Dot. Jackson said new Porndub videos will post “once every few weeks” from now on.

The first episode features big-name stars like Belle Knox, Asa Akira, James Deen, and more. The jokes are pretty good, too: one scene features a white female cop showing up at a black actor’s door and insisting that she has “like, three or four black friends” and that her visit “isn’t racial profiling.” Another scene has an off-camera voice asking Belle Knox to give herself a breast exam and asks, “When was your last mammogram?”

It’s the latest in a long tradition of non X-rated comedic content on Pornhub. Previous videos made just for laughs took the form of commercial parodies made for TV, kinky product test videos, and even a pole dancing lesson that Pornhub Aria failed at just as much as most people would.

With bad lip reads of porn classics, though, Pornhub really brings the laughs. It’s like watching porn with the sound turned off in a room full of friends and making up the most ridiculous plot possible, Mystery Science Theater 3000-style. 

It made us laugh, and it also made us wonder: When was Belle Knox’s last mammogram, exactly?