Pornhub settles the age-old question: Do Americans prefer boobs or butts?

Pornhub holds up a mirror to society. The massively popular porn site shows us what we’re truly thinking about when the curtains are drawn and Chrome’s incognito mode is on. And in partnership with contemporary YouPorn, it’s answered a question that’s plagued us for decades: Do Americans prefer boobs or butts?

Illustration via Pornhub

Those findings, originally published in 2014 but making the rounds again this week, show that there’s a significant difference in the priorities between America and the rest of the world.

Screengrab via Pornhub

Yup, we are indeed a country of butts. Our neighbors to the north, however, think differently.

You can find much more detail and some interactive heat maps on Pornhub’s safe-for-work blog, which often uses data visualization to reveal how current events are impacting porn searches. The site recently looked at the news of Donald Trump’s presidency and Fidel Castro’s death have affected porn trends, and the results are eye-opening to say the least.