Pornhub wants to turn Vine into a hub for 6-second porn

Twitter on Thursday announced plans to discontinue Vine, its game-changing medium for short videos. But Pornhub thinks it can make good use of Vine’s six-second format.

In a troll-like letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared with CNET, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price wrote: “We figure since Twitter has dropped [Vine] and is having significant layoffs, that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine. Not to mention we would be saving Vine gems like ‘Damn Daniel,’ ‘Awkward Puppets‘ and many more.”

Twitter has made clear that its classic vines will remain preserved. 

Price went on to note that “porn in six seconds is more than enough time for most people to enjoy themselves.” 

H/T the Next Web