A state-by-state breakdown of our nation’s porn addiction

Porn site PornHub released a boatload of visit duration and search keyword data last week, and the results are somewhat explicit. Among the information the site’s revealed, we’re now privy to each American state’s top three favorite porn-related search terms, as well as the average length of each state’s visit to the site. 

The information reveals a few interesting trends—most notably, the unique interests belonging to certain states, like Kentucky’s love of hentai porn (usually Japanese anime), Wyoming’s fascination with smoking-related sex, and Nevada’s singular interest in a porn star named Anita QueenBut the rest—Asians, teens, compilations, and a few other terms we probably shouldn’t mention—shouldn’t appear so surprising.


Even less surprising is the fact that a redditor built an interactive map and bar graph document out of the PornHub data, for some semblance of science, obviously. That’s something you can scope out below. In the meantime, try to live comfortably knowing that the state’s population that logs into PornHub for the longest is Mississippi (average visit duration: 11:59) and the shortest is Rhode Island (10 minutes flat).

Here’s the top 10:


To that point, it’s worth noting, as redditor FruitbytheFathom did in the r/dataisbeautiful thread, that “the visit duration statistic increases (albeit loosely) by region: (shortest) northeast, west, and midwest, south (longest).”

What does that say about the Northeast? Nothing too serious. Just that they’re the most, um, efficient with their time.

Photo by dalbao/Flickr, remix by Fernando Alfonso III