PornHub looking to penetrate the world of sports sponsorship

PornHub, the biggest name in porn, wants to insert itself into Italian soccer, and it’s telling futbol clubs  that it’s ready to hook up.

The NSFW video site has asked clubs in the Serie A league, Italy’s top professional soccer league, to submit proposals for sponsorships. The mega-popular porn outlet will sponsor whichever team submits the best proposal.

This isn’t the first time PornHub has tried to penetrate the sports world. In 2014, the Rutherford Raiders, a college soccer team at the University of Kent, used the PornHub logo on their jerseys. University officials threatened to ban the team from their league, calling the use of the logo “totally inappropriate.” This was unfortunate, as the logo meshed really well with their jerseys.

PornHub once sponsored an Irish basketball team, but diving into the Italian soccer league would represent a huge leap in mainstream visibility for the website and would likely provide an extra infusion of money and notoriety for the other party.

“We tried to think of a meaningful way to involve our large Italian community,” said PornHub vice-president Corey Price. “This seems to be the most suitable way. We encourage all eligible teams to send in their applications, and we look forward to working with the winner.”

If PornHub finds any takers—which, frankly, seems rather doubtful—it would likely go a long way toward erasing the memory of it calling Parmigiano-Reggiano the “PornHub Premium of cheeses.”

Your move, RedTube.

H/T Vice | Photo via Michael Coghlin/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)