Pornhub launches ‘Snapchat for nudes’ photo app

Warning: This post contains sexually explicit material.

After Snapchat‘s facial recognition filters made their debut, it was only a matter of time before they became available for other parts of the body. Thanks to Pornhub, dick filters are have arrived.

Pornhub announced the launch of its new app, TrickPics, on Tuesday, which allows users to choose filters to adorn their “naughty bits” with surprisingly cute animations. If you’re tired of overlaying your own Snapchat dick pics with the eggplant emoji, this app does it for you. Other penis overlays include “Dixelated” which blurs out exactly one particular area of the body, “Dick in a Box” which features an animated gift box, and an array of other appropriately phallic items.

Photos that include nipples and vaginas get their own set of custom filters—with poetic names like “Bigguns,” “Knock Knockers,” “Instaclam,” and “Midnight snack.”

Though the app draws from Snapchat filters and stickers, TrickPics doesn’t have a messaging function in the same way Snapchat does. Users can either take a photo through the app or upload from their library, apply the filter of their choosing, and then download the filtered image to share on other platforms.

The thing is, you can do the same thing using Snapchat’s stickers feature and adjust size and sticker placement accordingly. Though you won’t have access to TrickPics-only filters like a Trump wig for your dick or a Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron for… whatever part you deem worthy of an Eye of Sauron.

The goal, presumably, is to get creative with your boring nudes and transform NSFW photos into SFW ones. Still, 10/10 would not recommend casually opening any Pornhub app at your place of work.