Cleveland’s Pornhub traffic plummeted at the end of the NBA Finals

With the Cleveland Cavaliers duking it out against the Golden State Warriors in Game 7 of an historic NBA Finals on Sunday night, people were understandably fixated on the basketball game instead of playing with their own balls.

Exclusive data Pornhub shared with the Daily Dot shows that traffic from Cleveland to the streaming adult entertainment site was down 20 percent the first half of the game. But by the end of the championship match, it had plummeted 47 percent.

Pornhub wrote in their Insights post: “Why such a drastic drop? Fap time clearly gave way to clap time as people all over Cleveland tuned in to see the Cavaliers snag the first pro sports championship title the city has had in 52 years.”

Here’s a handy line graph visualizing the local dip in masturbation. 

What’s also worth noting is that San Francisco traffic to Pornhub was higher than usual right after the game. Seems like Warrior fans were licking their wounds in an X-rated way. And then, at midnight ,with a 20 percent increase from average traffic, it looks like Cleveland fans got home after celebrating and decided to get their second happy ending for the night. 

Similarly, last year’s release of Fallout 4 slashed Pornhub traffic from gaming fans who were busy playing the video game to fiddle their own joysticks. 

Don’t cry, LeBron—you did a lot more for Cleveland than just win the championship.