Pornhub’s first original film is an XXX ‘Full House’ parody

Pornhub is creating their own collection of original movies (similar to Netflix Originals and lots of other streaming content, but, you know, with porn) called “PHub Originals.” Their first project? Full Holes, a parody of the iconic ’90s TV show Full House

That’s right—an endearing story about a widowed father trying to raise his three daughters alongside his best friend and brother-in-law is now being retold as a group of people simply trying to have sex with each other under the same roof. Directed and written by Lee Roy Myers (the same dude behind parodies Stokemon: The XXX Parody and Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming), the film follows Handy and his two friends Blowey and Uncle Jizzy as they all fool around with the rest of the cast: BJ, Stuffme, Muffchelle, and Kimmy Gobbler. The trailer doesn’t really clarify much, but there are a lot of sex puns (and a very interesting scene where a stuffed doll gets in on the action). It’s a sitcom with sex: a sexcom!

The trailer is SFW, not that you should watch it in the office:

Say what you will about Full Holes ruining your childhood; there’s an audience for adult entertainment inspired by pop culture. And Myers likes making exactly that. “I really enjoy my job. It’s fun and it’s weird,” Myers told the Daily Dot. “Also, people around me are usually naked.”

Full House came to fruition when Pornhub approached Myers about making their first original movie. “We knew that it had to be something that people would talk about and watch, and potentially laugh at and masturbate to,” Myers said. “It had to be big. So when Netflix announced Fuller House, we saw that the audience was still there and bigger than ever. So it was decided that Full House was the way to go.”

After settling on what to parody, Myers then chose his cast, many of whom he’s already worked with. “I spent a lot of time looking at photos of porn stars, until I found the ones that looked a lot like Full House characters all grown up,” Myers said. “Luckily I’ve worked with everybody but two of the actors before, so not much auditioning to be done. However, I did have Michael Vegas do Popeye and Bullwinkle impressions, just to make sure they were right. They were right. That guy is Blowey Gladstone!”

According to Myers, Full Holes has already been well-received by the fapping community (the trailer has been viewed nearly 40,000 times on Vimeo). And as for the next PHub Original? “Perfuckt Strangers [a parody of Perfect Strangers] maybe,” Myers said. “I better talk to Pornhub about the rest of the 1990 TGIF lineup.”

Photo via Pornhub TV/Vimeo