Porn star explains why she loves Bitcoin while stripping

Many developers, entrepreneurs, and techno-libertarians will tell you that Bitcoin is sexy technology. Apparently, the popular cryptocurrency can also inspire a more traditional brand of sex appeal.

Just ask Saffron Bacchus, who recently posted a video in which she extols Bitcoin’s virtues while removing her clothes. Bacchus said Bitcoin has been a boon to her fetish pornography video business, citing reasons such as low transaction fees, security, and anonymity.

“And of course, there’s no morality police telling me I’m not allowed to do what I love to do,” Bacchus says in the very NSFW video, which she posted on her PornHub page. “Beyond that, I also love that governments can’t devalue my money or freeze it or take it away.”

For those of you who are just interested in the talking points, here’s the clean version.

Bacchus’ video is actually emblematic of how the online pornography industry has really began to embrace Bitcoin in the past several months.

“Bitcoin is a new market and its properties make it an ideal payment system for adult consumers,” Avi Bitton, chief technology officer for Wicked Pictures, told the Daily Dot ahead of his appearance on a Bitcoin panel at the XBiz summit in May.  

Of course, Bacchus’ videos were popular on the Reddit Bitcoin forum. Many redditors seemed glad to have Bacchus as part of their community, but one commenter, AgentZeroM, really captured the essence of the conversation.

“Bitcoin is the currency of consenting adults!”

Screenshot via Saffron Bacchus/YouTube