POVThis puts you in the middle of the action

Sometimes you really wanna get into your porn viewing experience. I don’t mean by just really enjoying what you’re watching, I mean by feeling like you’re there, live, in the scene. There’s one specific site that comes to mind for those hunting for a porn studio that puts them in the middle of the action. Fame Digital’s POVThis does a great job of making each porn session as special as the real thing.

What is POVThis?

POVThis brings you explosive fantasies from your point of view! Linked to gonzo porn, authentic POV porn is always filmed from the perspective of the male performer. The camera shots in POV porn will only show you what the main actor is seeing. In comparison, POV porn differs from gonzo porn in that gonzo porn puts the viewer very up close and personal with the action. Visceral close-ups of genitalia and rougher sex are both good indicators of gonzo over POV. POVThis brings you authentic call POV porn with no frills attached!

Membership Pros

Access to over 300 videos from POVThis and fame digital studios

POVThis has a great, modest collection of videos to offer its members. There are currently 371 videos from the POVThis studio on the site, as well as 117 DVDs to choose from. As this is a Fame Digital studio, members of POVThis get access to 28 other Fame Digital studios as a bonus! Fame digital, Rocco Siffredi, and more are ready and waiting to be explored by new POVThis members. What are you waiting for?

Access to AdultTime Library

Another bonus is the access to AdultTime that members to POVThis gain. All of the sudden, 371 videos switches to over 57,000 videos of every category out there. In many cases, AdultTime acts as the ultimate sweetener to the deal, but when it comes to POVThis, it might just be another nice add-on!

Great selection of DVDs

As mentioned above, POVThis has a great selection of full length DVDs for members to choose from. In my opinion, POVThis really excels is its parody themed DVDs. Titles like “this isn’t the goodwife,” “Fem Dom Cheerleaders,” and “This Isn’t Legally Blonde” are the crowning gems of this section.

Good separation of categories

POVThis does a good job of separating its categories into digestible and informative bites. By letting its members see how many videos they will be able to find in each separate category, it saves users time, and prevents against “show categories.” Many times, a site will advertise empty categories that, if you’re browsing through quickly, won’t look any different than a category with hundreds of videos. By numbering, you know that POVThis isn’t trying to push empty categories to secure members.

Membership Cons

Outdated Site

Remember monster energy drinks? POVThis looks scarily similar to one of those. Lime green, black, gray, and white are the site colors. While I’m sure you could care less what colors the site is wrapped in, and more about the content, it does get quite grating after some time. I would suggest a nice little site cleanup and overall update.

Last video update in 2015

I’ll never understand the studios that have gone MIA for years and are still expecting members to pay for monthly memberships. Yes, there’s a good amount of content already on the site, but it’s content from 2015. If POVThis expects to bring in and retain new members, it needs to upload way more frequently.

Is it worth it?

Honestly, it’s great to find a specialty site like POVThis. As popular as this kind of style is, it’s hard to find videos completely comprised of straight POV. For the members that want to feel in the scene all the time, the POV content provides just that. However, asking members to subscribe yearly, or even monthly, to a site that hasn’t been updated in six years seems unreasonable. Thankfully, a membership to POVThis means access to a bunch of current bonus sites. If you’re a POV fanatic willing to overlook the lack of recent uploads, I say have fun!