‘It’s not bedazzled… it’s bejizzled?’: Woman uses ‘powdered semen’ to create necklaces

Love makes people do some crazy things. They may shout it from the rooftops, make a cringe Facebook status, or get their partner’s name tattooed on them. 

Or, they may do something really bold and use their partner’s semen to create a necklace.

If so, they can enlist the services of Amanda Booth, a jewelry designer from Canada who’s gone viral for her “Jizzy Jewelry.”

This is a line of jewelry that’s made from powdered sperm samples and polymer clay. Booth first experimented with this creative art form last July when she uploaded a video of herself creating a necklace from her husband’s semen. 

The process included grinding the dehydrated semen into a fine powder, mixing it into polymer sculpting clay, and forming a pearl design.

The unusual nature of Booth’s video caused it to quickly go viral. But while the majority of viewers were grossed out, some were intrigued enough to place an order.

In an interview with Insider, Booth revealed that she had 60 paying customers in the first month after launching Jizzy Jewelry. She also sells a collection of “dirty trinkets,” which includes penises, vulvas, and breasts—all items that she says are big in the BDSM community. 

But not everyone has been going nuts for jizzy jewelry. A TikTok user named Kathleen (@kathleenwho) has gone viral for dueting her shocked reaction to one of Booth’s videos. 

In it, she created what she calls a “jizzy order.” There was even a note on the order that specifies that it contains “male/female sample of materials to incorporate.”

“What’s more romantic than wearing your partner’s initials around your neck?” Booth began in the voiceover. Kathleen appeared to find this sweet as she nodded her head.

But things took a turn as Booth added, “Than wearing an initial that has their love incorporated into it. Taking your partner’s powdered semen sample, mixing it into the clay, and then turning it into a masterpiece.”

This prompted Kathleen to react by spitting out the water she was drinking.

Her video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times. It’s also been viewed by thousands of comments from people who agree with her shocked reaction. 

“‘What’s more romantic’ LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE,” argued a user whose comment was liked more than 24,000 times.

“It’s not bedazzled… it’s bejizzled?” wrote one cheeky user. 

Many said that after seeing Booth’s semen sample necklaces, love does have bounds. “Sometimes sharing Isn’t caring…” a third commented.

There was some confusion from users who initially thought that the powder in Booth’s videos was ashes. It’s not uncommon for people to make sentimental jewelry so they can always have a family member or loved one with them. 

“Eh kinda corny….Aw wait it’s their ashes that’s sad ok I guess IM SORRY WHAT—“ this user wrote.

Another was more shocked that she handled the sperm without wearing gloves. 

Others believe that creativity is going too far. “They did this with breastmilk and I said ‘fine, but not for me’ but this has gone TOO far,” this user commented.

“At that point just snort it as well because nothing is off the table apparently,” joked a second.

Finally, one user found the jewelry design to be uninspired: “The jewelry looks like they got it in the check out aisle of Michael’s too like,” they wrote with crying emoji. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Kathleen and Booth via TikTok comments.