R. Kelly is now a trending search on Pornhub, XVideos

Searches for R. Kelly were trending on two of the internet’s leading porn websites Thursday following the release of a documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against the R&B singer.

The six-part series, entitled Surviving R. Kelly, debuted on Lifetime last week and brought renewed attention to the artist. The film also appears to have led to an increase in attempts to find sex videos from the songwriter, some of which are alleged to include underage females.

Writer Kendra James noted the uptick in searches on Wednesday, posting screenshots of the trending sections from two porn websites.


The Daily Dot confirmed that the term “Rkelly” was a top trend on Pornhub Thursday, while searches for “R kelly” and “R kelly sex tape” reached the top of the rankings on xvideos.com.

Users on social media also shared a link to Pornhub allegedly showing the site was hosting one of Kelly’s videos, although its authenticity is unknown. The Daily Dot reached out to Pornhub for comment but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Kelly’s Spotify streams also increased by 16 percent in the wake of the documentary series.

Surviving R. Kelly, which features testimony from numerous individuals once close to the singer, has prompted law enforcement in Georgia to investigate the R&B artist.