Randy Quaid and his wife made a simulated sex video about Rupert Murdoch

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Randy Quaid is calling out Rupert Murdoch, the New York Post, Warner Bros., and Village Roadshow Pictures CEO Bruce Berman in a bizarre new video.

Best known for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Independence Day, Quaid—along with his wife, Evi—have gotten more notoriety lately for run-ins with the law than acting. Quaid was banned from the Actor’s Equity Union in 2008 and fined $81,752 for harassing and abusing his castmates in a stage production. Randy and Evi have been arrested for vandalism and residential burglarizing of a home they used to live in, and they had their American passports revoked after skipping out on a trial for vandalism; they’ve been in Canada ever since.

They’ve expressed concern that a sect of Hollywood wants to kill them, one that they believe has killed Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Chris Penn. They blame Hillary Clinton for revoking their passports while she was Secretary of State, and they are currently suing current Secretary of State John Kerry in order to get them back.


Over the past two weeks, the Quaids have posted a series of videos on a channel called “E Quaid.” So far Randy and Evi Quaid have called out Clinton, Murdoch, the FX show The Americans, and even featured Randy reading passages from Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

In the latest video, which has since been removed from YouTube because it violated its police “prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten,” Quaid alleges that Berman stole his home, that he was falsely arrested by TMZ six times and Murdoch’s New York Post wanted to smear him “to high heaven with a pack of lies,” saying that he and Evi “have been put through a living hell, a living hell of biblical proportions.”


To make things even more bizarre, Quaid’s wife puts on a paper mask with Murdoch’s face and says, “You wanna fuck me, Rupert? Well, I’m gonna fuck you.” 


Then they perform a simulated sex act.

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A dog barks in the background, adding to the insanity of it all.

H/T Uproxx | Screengrab via E Quaid/YouTube