New generation of sex dolls to have functional genitalia

Would you pay $15,000 for a sex doll with “body warmth”? That’s just one of the many new features RealDoll plans to roll out with its most elaborate line of “love dolls” yet.

Abyss Creations founder Matt McCullen told the Mirror the new dolls, which will be released next year, would have hyper-realistic features, warmth, and sensors that reacted to touch. They would also have “fully functional genitalia,” which we assume means realistic vaginas that get periods and yeast infections and all the other fun vagina things.

McCullen told Vice earlier this month, that he also wants to get into the AI game, with the goal that an encounter with a RealDoll would give you “some kind of reward, be that verbal, visual, or in sexual movements.” He elaborated to the Mirror that he wants the dolls to be visibly enjoying a sexual encounter.

Aside from the terrifying implications about the singularity, these RealDolls may be a really good idea in a culture in which men are already encouraged to treat women as inanimate objects. We’re dreaming of a future in which men are required to learn how to ask for and look for consent—or at least enjoyment—from a doll before even trying to get it from a human woman. Bring on 2017!