Real Live Guys is where amateur cam guys go for fun

When filtering just doesn’t cut it, finding a site like Real Live Guys is like finding a gem in the rough.

Let’s be real: searching for a specific type of adult content, but having to swim through countless other videos in order to find it, isn’t pleasant. Landing on content that isn’t for you may deter your arousal or even steer you away from the site. And when was the last time you stumbled upon an exclusively male cam site? All of these concerns have been thoroughly addressed thanks to the real cam guys over at Real Live Guys.

What is Real Live Guys?

Real Live Guys is a live cam site dedicated to bringing its members front-row seats to some of the hottest amateur male cam performers online. The site prides itself on featuring performers of any type (as long as they’re men) and provides a unique experience for its members.

ChadOcean poses for Real Live Guys holiday shoot.


A membership to Real Live Guys is free, as is browsing and enjoying public shows. However, for more intense streams or one-on-one private sessions, individual per-minute prices are listed for each performer.

Membership benefits

Hundreds of performers to support

At Real Live Guys, there’s no need to worry about a lull in streaming. Thanks to this site hosting performers from all over the world, members can be assured that there will always be a slew of performers active at all times. On top of constant live shows, the category list offered is also an impressive asset. Viewers can choose from 20 preset categories geared specifically towards men. Bears, BDSM, Twink, and Uncut are among the most popular of the offerings.

jhon_marti poses with a cup of coffee near a window wearing only a towel for RealLiveGuys

Smooth and reliable site layout

The layout at Real Live Guys is nothing groundbreaking, but it works. It’s clear, clean, and concise, and lets members see exactly what is available to them at first glance. I absolutely hate wasting time surfing a site in search of gold shows or new models. On Real Live Guys, it’s all sitting there on the home page, clear as day.

Another big plus for viewers is the site’s collection of trending categories prominently displayed for easy access. This feature is super helpful especially if you’re looking for a room with a lot of member activity. Most likely, the rooms that correspond with the trending categories will have more member activity!

Enjoy full profiles on performer pages

Regardless of if you’re paying or jumping on a group stream for free, the profiles of performers are exciting for all members. Information about their sexual orientation, spoken languages, zodiac sign, interests, and appearance is all listed. This is also where members can browse any photos they might have, and both public (free) and private (paid) options are available.

My personal favorite profile feature (which I’m sure is shared by many others) is the About Me section. Here is where you can read performers’ personal biographies detailing their turn-ons, expertise, and turn-offs. If you really hit it off with a performer on Real Live Guys, you’ll be able to get a closer inside look at what makes them tick with just a quick scroll!

Walterr_Lynchh's Real Live Guys profile page features an about me section, photos, and description of the type of shows this model offers.

Membership weak spots

The site’s layout is very similar to its partnered pages

Real Live Guys site layout is a very recognizable one. For those perceptive viewers, you might be able to tell that Real Live Guys borrows the same site design from the popular sites Streamate, MyCamDirect, and Mile High Cams. And that’s because all of these sites are related. While this isn’t an actual red flag, it can definitely read as one for wary members.

This is also a huge disservice to the site itself. Real Live Guys is one of the few male-only cam sites. So while its services are stellar and unique, its site is a little lackluster and that’s a shame, in my opinion. A distinctive service deserves a stand-out site!

Is it worth it?

If what you want is to see hundreds of men showing off for the cameras, Real Live Guys is your best bet. Its categories are smartly picked, performer profiles are carefully filled out, and the community activity is high.

Overall, Real Live Guys is a great site for people interested in supporting real amateur cam guys from all across the globe!