Reddit Gone Wild: The best amateur NSFW subreddits

It’s tough to find porn—or for that matter any NSFW sex-related content on the internet—that features real, consenting people in a supportive environment that is also totally safe for your computer. Maybe you’re interested in chatting with strangers, BDSM, exhibitionism, public nudity, Reddit nude selfies, or sexting, but you’ve been too afraid to try it. Either way: Reddit Gone Wild is your answer, and an automatic add to you Reddit NSFW list.

Gone Wild subreddits have long been a bastion of user-submitted Reddit porn subreddits. Even some of the longest-running Gone Wild subs continue to grow their audience and improve community guidelines. Here is our Reddit Gone Wild list, curated to include only Reddit porn subs that are moderated, safe, inclusive, and definitely hot.

Reddit Gone Wild: The best NSFW subreddits

Reddit nude selfies and Reddit NSFW list additions

1) r/GoneWild

Reddit Gone Wild is the best-kept secret in amateur pornography on the internet. That is if you can still count it as a secret when almost a million people subscribe, and even more just pop in for a visit. Reddit GoneWild has fostered a deeply supportive community, with regulars and a dedicated pack of commenters. Reddit’s GoneWild allows people to safely explore their exhibitionist tendencies, but it’s basically just women.

Reddit gone wild

Gone Wild for the older crowd

2) r/GoneWild30Plus

Once you get a little older, it’s nice to see people your own age. r/GoneWild30Plus offers a supportive community for women over the age of 30 (though it typically tops out with women in their 50s) to post nude or flattering photos, or Reddit nude selfies. If you’re looking to see women with their partners, check out r/gonewildcouples, and if you want to delve deeper into discussions, head over to r/SexOver30.


Gone Wild for the smaller crowd

3) r/PetiteGoneWild

PetiteGoneWild, according to its apt description, is a place for women who are in some way short, skinny, or small to post pics of themselves “showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure.” It’s all about women’s submissions here, so no luck if you’re looking for men.

Curvy folks go for Gone Wild, too

4) r/GoneWildCurvy

Another moderated subreddit for women to self-post and celebrate their bodies in a secure, positive, shame-free environment. All submitters are required to verify before posting Reddit nude selfies.

Gone Wild for audiophiles

5) r/gonewildaudio

This Reddit NSFW list has something for everyone. Audio porn has seen a major resurgence on Tumblr and Reddit in particular, and Gone Wild Audio features the best of the best user-submitted and even professionally scripted adult scenes or sex audio. Each post title describes the content in detail and makes this sub easily searchable.

r gonewild : gone wild audio

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Nerds Gone Wild, too

6) r/GWNerdy

GoneWildNerdy is a beautiful crossover of some of the things that make Reddit, well, Reddit. It’s not just cosplaying, either. This GoneWild subreddit features tons of photos of self-described geeks setting down their gaming controllers and letting their hair down too.

Gone high and wild

7) r/TreesGoneWild

Love weed? Love sex? If you love both sex and weed and particularly hot and proud stoners, welcome to your new favorite sub. r/TreesGoneWild is “known as ‘the happiest place on the internet’” and hosts a whole community of weed enthusiasts posting topless selfies with their favorite jar of kush or looking for a fellow “naked smoke buddy” to share their best self-portrait. You’ll find mostly women posting in this supportive community, save for the occasional high bro.

gone wild trees

Gone Wild erotica, for the brief

8) r/gonewildstories

R/GoneWildStories hosts short-form erotic stories written by users supposedly recounting their own experiences. You’ll find tales of couples unexpectedly swinging, public sex, first-time experiences, and more. An endless Reddit NSFW list of entertainment.

reddit gonewild : gonewildstories

Nothing but a smile

9) r/gonewildsmiles

If you’ve ever felt your explicit content is missing something, it might be people who look happy. This subreddit is frequently updated, but it isn’t particularly diverse and features pretty much only topless or naked women smiling in Reddit nude selfies (not that that’s a bad thing).


Chopped and screwed

10) r/gifsgonewild

For user-submitted GIFs that are all about sharing self-posts without any hate or negative feedback, turn to r/gifsgonewild. This community requires that users only share GIFs of themselves and strictly bans revenge porn. (For more, see our guide to porn GIFs.)

r gone wild : gifs gone wild

Gone wild and rough

11) r/bdsmgw

Short for “BDSM Gone Wild,” this is a space for users around the world to share videos, photos, and GIFs of their own experiences with BDSM. It’s a great place to find amateur work that still adheres to strict guidelines of consent. Post titles are usually pretty self-explanatory, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into before clicking.

r gone wild : bdsmgw

Safe while NSFW

12) r/GoneWildTrans/

This Reddit Gone Wild forum exists for transgender redditors to go wild and post their nude bodies in a safe, NSFW environment. Users who misgender, harass, or exhibit otherwise transphobic behavior will be banned per the sub’s rules.

Queer girls, Gone Wild

13) r/dykesgonewild

“Far from the male gaze: SHOW YOUR STUFF!” reads the r/DGW subreddit description. “This is a community for female-identified queer girls of all flavors.” NSFW posts here range from the mild naughty selfie to masturbation videos.

Gay users Gone Wild

14) r/GayBrosGoneWild

Like all Reddit Gone Wild channels, r/GayBrosGoneWild is specifically for self-posts without promotion, spam, or revenge porn. For a more wholesome, supportive community (but still definitely sexy or flirty content), check out r/GayBrosGoneMild.

Reddit Gay Bros Gone Wild

A whole lot of man to love

15) r/mangonewild

As this sub’s description aptly states, “this is for the ~50% who think penises, cute butts, and powerful ejaculations, are the most erotic thing there is.” That about sums it up.

Men, by men, for women

16) r/ladybonersgw

R/ladybonersgw is a place for an audience of mostly straight women (though there’s nothing that bans anyone else) to ogle the male body. The thing is, submissions are from men. So it’s not exactly all about the female gaze, but we’re getting closer to quality Reddit nude selfies.


Sticked and poked

17) r/AltGoneWild

If you have an affinity for tattoos or gauges, you’ll like r/AltGoneWild, Reddit Gone Wild’s home for “tattooed/pierced/otherwise “alternative” ladies to share their nude selfies with Reddit and celebrate anonymous exhibitionism.” It doesn’t matter if your definition of “alt” is one tattoo or a face full of piercings—it’s all welcome here. Posters must be verified.

Anal sex lovers, unite

18) r/AnalGW

Bet you can’t guess what this subreddit is all about! ICYMI, it’s butt stuff. r/AnalGW is an inclusive space for “open-minded Adult Redditors” anal enthusiasts, butt plug-lovers, and otherwise butt selfie-obsessed people to “exchange their ass for karma.” Keep in mind this isn’t so much watching people have anal sex as it is user-submitted photos of butt-related acts. For asshole-specific content, peep r/AssholeGoneWild.

gonewild : analGW

We’ll do it live

19) r/OnStageGW

r/OnStageGW is an interesting environment, if only because it’s not as clear what kind of “on stage” acts can be submitted. Redditors can share anything from flashes and nip slips, videos from particularly revealing runway shows, exotic dancers, and even pop stars performing in short skirts. If the idea of seeing a confident performer onstage gets you hot and bothered, start here.

reddit gonewild : on stage gone wild

Get your panties in a knot

20) r/UnderwearGW

Keep (some) clothes on and head over to this cozy corner of Reddit Gone Wild where “nudity is not essential but welcome” and all underwear-wearing posters must be verified. Most posts here are tagged [M] for male, [F] for female, [C] for couples, or [T] for transgender, so it’s easy to search.

Leggings for days

21) r/LeggingsGoneWild

Some people are into underwear, some people are into the things you wear on top of underwear. Leggings and yoga pants are an attractive combo, and this subreddit is a place to celebrate them. r/LeggingsGoneWild is a super supportive environment for women of all sizes to post their bodies wearing leggings and feeling confident.

reddit gone wild leggings

Getting knotty

22) r/WeddingsGoneWild

There is a lot of honeymoon content in r/WeddingsGoneWild, but if you’re all about seeing a bride (and her dress) you’ll probably like these redditor-submitted bride photos. Posters here aren’t verified, so you’ll see a good amount of porn clips and photosets and other photos pulled from the internet alongside submissions from real people. Some nice variation between all the Reddit nude selfies, if you will.

gone wild : weddings gonewild

Au Naturel 

23) r/GWPublic

For nature lovers, exhibitionists, and voyeurs alike, r/GWPublic is a home for real people to share their public sex escapades and hottest moments. It’s a friendly, encouraging environment that discourages users from including any personal info. The only main requirement is that your photo makes it explicitly clear that you’re outside, in public, and totally lacking privacy.

gone wild : gone wild public

Another kind of buzz

24) r/CoffeeGoneWild

Providing the best kind of porn pick-me-up is r/CoffeeGoneWild. The freshly brewed Reddit Gone Wild forum is dedicated to sharing photos of piping hot cups of coffee, and more. Sexual foam art is what initially kicked off r/CoffeeGoneWild before members began thirsting for the real thing and uploading shots of women rather than espresso. There are, occasionally, artistic shots of men in various states of undress alongside their favorite coffee beverages.

Dressing up (and down)

25) r/gwcosplay

“Where the superheroes go wild.” From the DC Universe, to Naruto, to a slew of original characters, Gone Wild Cosplay gives members, mostly women, the opportunity to show their creative side. The subreddit spans a spectrum of nudity, from fully dressed cosplayers striking sexy poses, to nude cosplayers modeling the finer details (makeup, hair, accessories) of their outfits. The subreddit doesn’t get much action, but its most active users share their work daily.

A catwoman cosplay on r/gwcosplay

Working 9 to 5

26) r/workgonewild

All work and no play makes Jill a dull woman — so these workers on the r/workgonewild subreddit tend to have a lot of fun. Of course, all posters must be working in their photos, so outfits run the gamut of scrubs, to office wear, to casual work-from-home apparel. Given the pandemic, lots of workers are flashing their masks, too. What better way to salute our ass-ential workers?

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.

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