Get intimate with Reddit’s newest adult marketplace

Warning: This article contains sexually explicit material.

Capitalism is a strange and beautiful thing. If you want to buy a pair of used panties on the Internet with just the right amount human waste on it, you’re spoiled for choice. Here’s another marketplace right up that alley.

“Sex sells” isn’t just a universal truth, it’s also the name of a subreddit in which enterprising naked people can sell anything at all as long as it gets someone off. 

The week-old marketplace is just getting off the ground. Compared to well-established subreddits like r/pantyselling (9,869 subscribers and 18 pairs of panties put on sale in the last day), Sex Sells is smaller (under 200 subscribers and only six products in the last day) but oh, so much more diverse.

Instead of limiting itself to the tame world of used panties, Sex Sells has a list of product categories that might impress even the most sexually liberated among us:

  • [pty] panties
  • [bra] bras, sports bras
  • [sck] socks, stockings
  • [toy] vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, etc.
  • [snp][kik] snapchat and/or kik
  • [cam] live cam shows
  • [pop] pussy pops
  • [vid] videos
  • [pic] photo sets
  • [dom] domination services
  • [sct] scat
  • [pss] piss
  • [prd] period
  • [nls] toe nails, finger nails
  • [grl] grool
  • [sal] saliva
  • [buy] requests for items
  • [oth] other misc. items

Prostitution is against the rules at Sex Sells, but if you’re willing to fork over the cash, a model will create a personalized video for your fantasy in just a few hours.

The subreddit’s most popular items are videos, sex toys, and clothing from one particularly successful seller.

Of course, this is far from the Reddit community’s first step into selling sex-related products. Bitcoin strippers have been cashing in on the cryptocurrency’s boom for years. Fetish items and cam shows are easy enough to find on the site. For guys looking to sell their underwear, the choices are a bit more limited.

But the people behind Sex Sells hope to give everyone the option to sell what they want by becoming “the largest and most friendly adult marketplace on Reddit.”

Of course, it’s nice to see a sex-positive marketplace that lets people be who they are with no judgement—but damned if it isn’t incredible to see the enormous spectrum of stuff that gets people off.

Illustration by Jason Reed