It’s a big yes to Rianne S Bunny Bliss

Have you been searching for a dual vibrator that can pack a big punch in a tiny package? Turns out you’re not the only one! That’s where the Rianne S Bunny Bliss by Organic Loven comes in. In a sentence, it’s your new favorite toy to slip into your clutch at midnight on the way to your next sneaky link.

This company wants to flip the meaning on the mile-high club, and promote solo inductions with it’s perfect-for-travel Bunny Bliss. Can’t wait to hear more? Read ahead to hear all about the tiny giant in pleasure!

What is the Rianne S Bunny Bliss?

Organic Loven features this ultra-cute and unique take on the rabbit vibrator. The Bunny Bliss is an elegant mini rabbit massager with powerful and silent vibrations. With 10 functions and a design made especially for vaginal and clitoral stimulation – the Bunny Bliss is a double whammy! The product comes with a fabulous cosmetic bag for all the essentials, complete with the cutest love lock to make completely sure that your valuables are safe.

The Bunny Bliss is waterproof and can be used in the bathtub or shower for twice the action and fun. Organic Loven is one of the largest BIPOC-owned sex toy retailers. Founded by Holistic Sex Educator Taylor Sparks, every product is hand-selected and expert-recommended for the utmost pleasure possible.  

rianne vibrator against a white background

How does it work? 

After spending some quality time with the Bunny Bliss by Organic Loven, I can really say that size doesn’t matter. Straight out the door, I loved the packaging and accessory bag that accompanied the main attraction. The cosmetic bag emblazoned with Rianne S is beyond perfect for the minute air travel opens back up again. It fits the Bunny Bliss and charger perfectly, with space for any of your extras that you just cant leave behind. 

The Bunny Bliss, labeled as a mini rabbit massager, has been designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Two stiff ears covered in body-safe silicone protrude from the main circular body which holds the rumbly motor. The unique design very much resembles the two bunny ears that are found on more common rabbit vibrator designs! 

Rianne S Bunny Bliss review

Personally, I found penetration play a little difficult with the design of the toy. In a perfect world, one of the ears would be a more flexible piece and the other would stay immovable so that I could angle the ear where I wanted it. Even though my penetration journey didn’t turn out the best, the clitoral stimulation was out of this world amazing!

The rumbly vibrations from the bunny ears gave off deep waves of pleasure as soon they came close to my clitoral area. The ears are positioned perfectly for over-the-clitoris stimulation, and the base gives off enough vibrations to interchange between strong and rumbly, and muted but steady. 

The best feature on the Bunny Bliss was most definitely the waterproof function. Taking it into the bath was an experience for the books. The highest vibration setting did its job perfectly, and playing with the various patterns under the warm water was definite bliss. 

Is it worth it? 

In my opinion, the Rianne S Bunny Bliss by Organic Loven has all the trapping and functions needed for on-the-go pleasure and even a slinky night in! Its tiny body and cute packaging make traveling a breeze and a fun choice for the night.

If you’re looking for a toy that delivers penetration and clitoral stimulation all at once, I would say that this isn’t the best choice out there. But if you’ve been looking for a fun dual-option vibrator that delivers deep and rumbly vibrations in and out of water, the Rianne S Bunny Bliss won’t let you down.