A Chinese businessman bought his favorite porn star out of the industry for 15 years

Apparently, China’s economy is so strong that its wealthiest members aren’t just spending millions on mansions and private jets. They’re buying porn stars right out of the industry.

22-year-old adult video actress Rola Misaki just accepted 1 billion yen to enter an “exclusive relationship” with an anonymous Chinese businessman for the next 15 years. That sum works out to $8.3 million USD, or more than $500,000 per year.

No one knows the wealthy businessman’s identity yet, but many are speculating that he’s a higher-up in China’s entertainment industry. The man is so committed to protecting his privacy that he literally wears a mask when he goes out in public with Misaki. 

“His property holdings alone are worth several hundred million dollars. At events, his behavior includes giving million-dollar tips to participants,” a source in the Chinese media told the Tokyo Reporter.

Unfortunately, much to Misaki’s fans’ chagrin, the deal will require the porn star to end her career effective immediately. Her departure from the industry has caused quite the controversy on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, with one of her followers lamenting: “[Misaki is] one of the best, a natural. I can’t believe she’s gone off with this man.”

She is expected to use this relationship as a launchpad for a career in the mainstream Chinese entertainment industry, and she’ll serve as her boyfriend’s personal assistant while she gets her feet on the ground.

Let’s see how the next 15 years shake out.

Update 5/15 11:10 am CT: The mysterious Chinese millionaire is denying reports that he paid the porn star on social media, according to Gawker

“Today, to get up early to see the news, how ignorant I become nurturing Actress Tyrant purely fabricated a further half million!??!! 7 pm I met at a conference Takizawa Laura, live greetings, photo, interactive, all the requirements should be made ​​to mobilize the atmosphere moderator I had this serious statement, I did not and. now there is no such intention! this is completely untrue! Some people do not discredit me!”

H/T Metro | Photo via Toyota Matoto/YouTube